Mobile responsive compliant ugly or bad website design
If you read this you are a nut.

B.U.D. Wabsite Development Key Features:

  1. Stable HTML 3.2
  2. New! Reacting Design
  3. Really big font usage
  4. Flatter designs than our competitors
  5. Hard Drive Churn & Infinite Loop Scripting
  6. This years featured client: Big Java Ball
  7. Edge browser css compensator code
  8. Buggy bug-free layouts

Bud Uglly Designs... A Web Design Experience Like No Otter

shrink the width of your wab browser to view our new responsive design code in action
Website © copyright Bud Uglly and Allwebco Design Corporation
Awad winning historic bud ugly design brings you the latest in
web site development for very reasonable prices you can
affordable using many colors and fonts that can and will
work together on any website that you have in mind
that bud ugly can produce for you out of thin air
using the latest technology that we have
experienced here at the bud uglly design
corporation company in our main corpor
ation headquaters in the Chicago
metropolitan downtown city area
Forget everything you know
about wab design and let us
build your web site to
or maybe tomm
orow but soon so
you can be the
envy of all
other web
sites. t
ry us
some might say that this is an example of bad or ugly website design
but it is in fact an example, an example yes, of some text I have written
in this area to fill space and to... uh I can't remember where I was going with this.

Copyright Bud Ugly

|                               WEB SITE TEMPLATES                                |
|                                NOT WEB TEMPLATES                                |
|                                                                                                  |
|                           `..`..`..                           |
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New CSS3 Features!

Music by SQuare Peach

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