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How to build a better car.

Clown Car
Planet Rover
Cliff Dropper
Wombat LE

Design: Badi Dea Automotive Corporation is never happy just sitting on it's heels. The 1999 Virago Sports Coup beat out all the competition at the Newmark Cliff Fall Tests to become the fastest mainstream vehicle you can buy today. With over seven months of experience, Badi Dea proves time and time again that automobile design is not just engineers following a bunch of rules.

Production:The Badi Dea plant cranks out over 36,000 cars per hour at their single assembly line in Slipshod New Jersey, no other car manufacturer can even come close. Head of quality control, Al Moss Blind, and his team of grade schoolers, waste no time inspecting each and every Badi Dea vehicle.
"On cold days, my Wombat almost always starts"
I.M. Lying, Spleenville Wisconsin

"Driving a Clown Car is not like driving a car at all"
Bull Shick, Jerkwater Nebraska

My Planet Rover drives itself!
Will U. Paymenow, Spud Idaho

"I can define my Cliff Dropper in one word, different"
Dr. Kevorkian, Cheese City Wisconsin

Badi Dea

Badi Dea Takes Automotive Design to the Limits

Advanced Joystick Technology:
1999 will be remembered as the year the steering wheel died and convenience and comfort became the norm. All 1999 Badi Dea vehicles are equipped with a standard Nintendo Corporation joystick.

Multifaceted© Rearview Mirror:
Drivers have long complained about blind spots and poor visibility. With the Badi Dea Multifaceted© mirror the car beside you, the entire road and almost all of the sky are now completely visible from the safety and comfort of your vehicle.

Speedometer Design For a New Age:
Speedometers of the past were clumsy and difficult to read. Now with the Badi Dea Thermodometer© gauging your speed is a snap!

Badi Dea Transportation Beyond Imagination

Badi Dea, and the Badi Dea Motor Corporation are not responsible for any injuries resulting from the misuse of any of our products. Say for example, you drive off a cliff or run over a mime, it's your own damn fault so don't even bother sending us a letter. Thanks!

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