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frewquently asked questions maimtained by berry Uglly

Wheres the FAQ?
I jubst finished it.

Wheres the FAQ?
I jubst finished it.

Who picked the horrible music?From Rachel Zedeck
The Musak used at Bud Uglly Design, was, carefull selected from
umung Bud's vast "Infomercial" and "Jim Neighbors Does Karokie"
midi collection. We felt that thees selections would help entertain
and at the same time educate and enlighten visitors as to just how
cultered midi, and Gomer Pile can be.

Do you really make a living on creating
theese kind of pages?From Susanne
Frankly when we created the Bud Uglly Desines home on the web we
erouneusly thought we could make millions of dollars seling webpages
to unsuspecting costomers. Then we visited Geocities and realized that
we were doing nothing new. When we actually sell a webpage, than we
will probably make some money.

Are you guys for real? From Terri Bell
Yes, Bud Uglly Design can actually create a webpage
for you if you
feel you need won that badly.
Send Inkwireies here berry@

How many of you work on this site
(or is it just 1 master of sick humor)?
From Rachel Zedeck
Bud Uglly Design is currently staffed much like a volunteer
fire department is. This is due to the fact that moist
emploeeys have some obligations to fulfill dooing comunity
service. When we get the call to make a website,  we do
have a pole we slide down.

What doess^D FAQ meanb?From Ates Goral
Thanks much for asking.



What the hell's Inforamtion? From Tim
When you fill out the order form, ther is an adidtional spot near
the bottom for you to enteer extra thins you may need to tell bud
or i about yoursel or the webpage you are orderoing.

Uhh, this mail field is too 
short to be useful.From John flynn
When I designed the order form I felt it wouls be less confu
sing if the entry boxes took up less space on the page.
If anyone esle finds the orderform confiusing
plese let me know.

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