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Bud Uglly Site Of The Day

Click on Fish

Bud Uglly Site Of The Day

Last Update: 12/01
click on the fish.
Fridays Site of the Day is:
"Bob Online"

Best of the Uglly
Ian's Brain
Joe's Homepage
OTA Homepage
The Mail Thingy

HOW TO CLICK ON THE FISH: To view this weeks Bud Uglly Site of the Day winner you will need to put your mouse in general proximity to the fich and then with your finger click on it once, than you will need to wait for the winning site to show up. Don't actually put your mouse on your monitor. It's better to just move the pointer near it. Then click once, twice would be one time too many.

THE PRESTIGOUS BUD UGLLY AWARD: Bud Uglly awards are not just given out at random to any site that happens along. The winners website must contain webpages, and some text as well as a URL so people can find it. If your site wins the Bud Uglly award you cane be proud because only a select few will be selectid and the Bud Uglly Site of the day has a picture of a fish.


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