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Bud Uglly Designs E-Mail Page.. Here at Bud UgllY Design we recieve a lot of e-mail that we dont no what to doo with, so we thowt we wold post it her so we know wher it is.
If you would like to send us some comments you can fill in a form on the What's NEW! page

Mike Wooldridge Sent Bud tis movie and a letter.

Bud, Berry, etc.,
Been a fan of your web design site since the late 80s. It's an inspiration!
I've attached a QuickTime VR panoramic scene (, 88k) that I created
with the Bud Uglly aesthetic in mind (get the QTVR plug-ins at Feel free to use it on your site. I'd be
honored! I made it with my low-res QuickCam in my bathroom; it involves a
naked guy, a dog, and a Zip disk.

Trish O'Neil sent in a letter that siad she would like to workforpenis?
but it was suposed to be work for bud uglly for peanuts
we can't actually poy anybody in penisis.

She also mentined this special feature of the bud uggly site
hey, YOUR page made this blank e-mail appear.
Fill in Anything you like!!!!!

John Heiland  said he was bill and send us this letter.
I think maybe he aws confused.

My 10,000 lawyers say you better quit spoofing my Internot Explorer or 
we'll fly over you and drop large bags of coins on you and crush you.
Exscept for that part about "best viewed with Internot" on the 
Netscrappy page--he says that can stay.

Cynthia somebodyoranother sent us this picture of a turky.

                         ,*^^              )
                      _+*                     ^**+_
                    +^       _ _++*+_+++_,         )
        _+^*+_    (     ,+*^ ^          \+_        )
       {       )  (    ,(    ,_+--+--,      ^)      ^\
      { (@)    } f   ,(  ,+-^ __*_*_  ^\_   ^\       )
     {:;-/    (_+*-+^^^+*+*<_ _++_)_    )    )      /
    ( /  (    (        ,___    ^*+_+* )   <    <      \
     U _/     )    *--<  ) ^\-----++__)   )    )       )
      (      )  _(^)^))  )  )\^^^))^*+/    /       /
    (      /  (_))_^)) )  )  ))^^^))^^)__/     +^
   (     ,/    (^))^))  )  ) ))^^^^))^)       _)
    *+__+*       (_))^)  ) ) ))^^^))^^^)____*^
    \             \_)^)_)) ))^^^^^))^^)
     (_             ^\__^^^^^^))^^^^)
       ^\___            ^\__^^^))^^^^)\\
               ___) >____) >___   ^\_\_\_\_\_\_\)
              ^^//\\_^//\\_^       ^(\_\_\_\)
              ^^ ^ ^^ ^

THese are what people woul like to se
in the future at Bud Uglly Design
The Newest ones are at the tip.

want nekkid gurlz to beat meet to becos nekead gurlz ar rad and kewl.
need linkx that tak me too naekeid gurlz faic shots and nakedd onez. 
an alzo gunz too. pagez wth gunz that shoot and gif also thqt shuit
boolets that loook kewl an rad. hbut most want naekid gurlz.
-Form Nobody-

Crap.  More crap.
-Form Simpleton-

I would like to see a siteMap.And wabTV Giude.
-Form Your friens, susan parker-

What about a Bud Ug;;y Spelling bee Page or contest?
 Find your favorites and post them. I think we
 could trust you to juje them!
-Form Megan A.-

I wood lick to seee tekst in this box, and it ise.
-Form whatsevmail@huh-

Correct spellig of something.
-Form Nobody-

someone to father my child
-Form Enid

Still, without frames, the real rock bottom in tastelessnes
remain to be acheived. A page where you get stuck in
some frame somewhere and can't find out is still missing
for Bud Ugly. Please do not rest on your disgusting laurels,
there's still lower levels of revolting bad taste out there.
-Form Jens Hultman- productspecialist Telia Internet Web

eye wood lik 2 c some nyce pitchures of fluffi aminals!
body parts that you are not quite sure about ...
-From F Millard-

I think you should have a monitor-washing
service... it would clean the INSIDE surface
of the monitor for an even better view "into" the "web"...
-From rlyf-

i would really like to sea more annomation and colours in this site.
it could uze some sound that would require me to spend five hours
tring to download and thenm still not work. in its present state this
site is pretty kool and has alot of just needs soome toons. 
-Form aj picouski-

More flashing text and crashing Java applets
-Form nobody-

Tips on the human factors and ergonomics of Web Page d'zine.
-Form Tony-

I think you shold add a flashing text box about 12 paragraphs long in 8 pt.
type. Oh, yeah, don't forget to put it on a backgropund that is the same 
color as the type. I also think you need some graphics that take 5 minutes 
to load, and then rotate in a really jerky motion. That's cool.
-Form gatorboy-

I would like to sea something that tells
people how to do that little window thingy.
-FormThankyou Screwball-
You can find out more abourt the window thingyHERE

could you put a miniature schematic of a sample
webpage in this space?  a new one each week?
-Form Gerg Wendaldahl-

I would like to see some trippy phsycodelic fat ass kind nuggets
or some massive crops all decked out in one crazy mural
-Form ryan micheal-

1. Make theme music (Fur Eleese, isn't it?) more catchy.
    Maybe add a base, sax, and accordian.
2. Give some examples of bad wibpage design.
3. Make sure the speling and grammar is correct.
-Form Nobody-

more women, bud ugly women.
-Form Nobody-

Tue, 07 Jan 1997
Subject: Bud Ugly

Hey, fellows,
I loved your page from 6 months ago, but you've really gone over the line this time. The overload detracts from the humor -- it becomes more obnoxious than funny. Any chance the old page is still around somewhere? I have a friend who's planning a corporate web site and I wanted to direct her to you. ;-) BTW, I *do* enjoy the new pop-up window and the music. :)

A devoted fan and advocate,

Tue, 07 Jan 1997
Re: Bud Ugly

Dear pjs,
Actually, the original page is still there, it's the entrance, minus the top 10% of the page. Everthing else on the page is pretty much as it always was. Updating Bud Uglly is always a little tricky and I appreciate your feedback. New visitors would enjoy seeing only a little bit of nonsense, as you indicate while regular visitors always want something new and more outrageous. Glad you enjoyed the music and I'm hoping Bud can live up to your future expectations *sob, weep* ;)

--Bud Uglly

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