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If you are interested in ordering a webpage you can E-mail Bud Uglly for more infromation. Current prices are as follows:
If you are intersdted in a webpage like the Microsoft website (500 pages) it will probably cost about $1,000,000.23 or more.
If you would like a site like the Bud Uglly site (85 pages) it will cost around $23,000.00 dollars.
For example, If you would like a page just like this one:

If you provide you own "Snazzy Copy" you can svae some extra dollars

Some states do not allow "Uglly" pgaes, bee sure to check with your local law officers

Employees of Bud Uglly Design, and their relatives are subject to a 50% webpage markup

If you would like a smaller number of webpages it will cost $65.00 dollars an hour, thank you for your inters.

Frivolous Inquirees only please!!

Bud Uglly

Bud works full time during the day as a Pro-E 3D Modeling Engineer in Chicago, Illinois, but is still available to help create your website project! The Bud Uglly Design Project has been online since July 1996 and has been visited by more than 50,000 people.

Your best bet to is to contact Bud Uglly via e-mail The entire team is currently on vacation, but we will get back to you as soon as we return in late July.

Just send Bud the URL of the site you want re-done, and he will contact you as soon as he can with specific questions about your site and what kind of look you are seeking for the make-over.

If you need a new site created, send me the specifics of your new site and Bud will get back to you as soon as possible.

Virtually all projects are on a contract/quote basis. You tell Bud what you need. We agree on a price. You pay half down. Bud does the work. You approve of work. You pay remaining balance. ...the site is yours.


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