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.......... THE BUD UGLLY TEAM!
HEY! BUD UGLLY IS FIRING! if you would like to wornk for Bud Uglly Design Plese e-mail us at


The bud uglly team is here to meet YOUR needs, only at bud uglly design will you find such a professional award winning design team.


please insert your own text here please insert your own text hereBud Uglly is the flounder and presedint of Bud Uglly Design. He spent forteen years studying art at the belview school of design. after graduating with honmers he went to work for studio 27 in new york, but was soop looking to start his own company. Bud's first company "plagerize design" soon folded up aftwer numerous lawsuits. A blessing in disgise, bud was soon to make his mark on the world of design with the creamation of "Bud Uglly Design"
Bud is currently living in chicago where kis hobbies include: , knitting, origami, and standing on navy peir.

please insert your own text here please insert your own text hereBerry Uglly is buds younger brother and the head designer at the firm. Berry is cerently working on "Phil's Carwash on the Web" as well as a website for "Martha's Stormdoor polishing service" Studiing at the Roosevelt grade school for the design impared, berry has proved time and again that "Design is a bitter fruit best plucked when ripe" besides philosopy berry enjoys a good playground ride and stepping on bubble wrap.

please insert your own text here please insert your own text hereRowlf is acting legal export for Bud Uglly Design, A recent graduate of May's obedience and law schaol Rowlf also fills in as berryies seeping eye dog. Rowlf enjoys; playing with rubber dog toys, and peeing on the sidewalk.


please insert your own text here please insert your own text herePaul Zee is berry's right ham man and the animated gif expert at Bud Uglly. A recent graduate of the "University of Really Fast Animation" his thesis the "encylopedia britanica animated gif" totally floored everyone. Almost every design firm in New York has made it clear that they wood like to get their hangs on Paul. Paul's hobbies inclube; Walking, chewing gum, and photographing his feet.

please insert your own text here please insert your own text hereJustin Sane is the newest memgler of the bud uglly team. He has been assigened the most recently aquired prostaject at but uglly, a VRML (very real making launguage) version of the c|nit website. Trained at the "Happy World Preschool" justin has a natural talent for arranging letters in a near-coherent order. Justins hobbies include; poking the ground with a stick, running around for no reason, and chess.


sideways<>MARGE N KNOLL please insert your own text hereMarge N. Knoll is bud uglly design's jaca expert, cgi script writer, and snack maker for the whole bud uglly team. It's hard to belive that just two short weeks ago, Marge was an asisastnt mangler at the local tasty freeze. Marge hopes one day to be able to create a java crapplet that actually works.
Marge's hoballeys include; Clam digging, Bungee jumping, hang gliding, shotput, shark wrestloing, skydirving, arm wrestling, taxidermy, cyber sex, and delivering frute pies to ususpecting chicago aldermen. Marge hab a little hep with the Java box thing from Cathy Johnson at "Web of Wonders"

please insert your own text here please insert your own text hereLaura Lynn Hardy is responsible for all the other duties aar the bud Uglly design company. Including proof reading, and proof reading, and reseptionist. as well as fillling out all the papers at the company and feeding the dog. Bud uglly design would have to close it's doors were it not for the undieing devotion to dooty that Laura posses. Just imagine how foolish a web design company wood look, if even a single typo appeered on one of there pages. Laura is a gifted and very bright person with the uncanny knack of lighting up a room with her smile. Lauras hobbies include; standing in the corner, stamding near the windoew, and tennis.


Bud Studios From it's humble beginings way back in January, the Bud Uglly Design stidos has been creating hundreds of websites a day for a wide varity of busy business executives and former McDonalds mangers. Convinently located just across the street from Sam's Donut and Van Detailing Emporium, and only 37 inches from a Quicky-Print our clients can feel safe in the knowlede that Bud Uglly is right in the heart of Chicago's downtown design district.

Our hedquarters is curently staffed by 47½ full time designers and lawyers who will devote their full attention to desigming, coding, promoting and fixing your website. The bud Uglly team reporesents the finest arists from around the globe all gathered in one place and devoting a single mind to creating your new website.



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