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..............................Theese are all the
..............................awards that Bud
. ............................Uglly Design has win.

Bud Uglly Design has won numerous acllaim like this at forigen websites Trött på den smakfulla och profesionella design som Telia Internet Design Partners kan erbjuda? Vill ni nå slå alla bottenrekord i smaklöshet? Prova då Bud Uglys Web Design. :-)
(what the hell does this say anyway?)

and this award too Cool Site of the Hour cOOL Sit of the hour
Tres Bizarre
For Crazy Joe's Buncee Jump

Peek a Boo

Net Junkie's Pick
Bud Uggly and th bud ufglly staff would like to thank all theese site for choosing usd and giving is all theese awarbs. If it wern;'t for them we would never have made this page

This arwards was custom made by <*(((>< at the FunnyBone for Bud Uglly Design. Thus making oar site the very first website ever to win "five" one star awards! (award shown below)

Bud Uglly site of the day was namd "Excellent" at:

Bud Uglly was feqatured at Netskills(not too be confused with the famous mountains)

As seen at YAHOO?

Through an obvious mistake of some kind, Bud Uglly design has won the prestigios NISA award for personal website, for the month of May.
Featured at OtaCorp
featured in:
Internet Underground

Bud Uglly Design is curently featured as aFagin Kitty Sweel place to visit



Nuke The Net
FOR Crazy Joes Bungee Jump
reader award
The WebSurfer's Choice HomePage of the Week Award
Bud Uglly was one of the nomynees for the "WebSurfer's Choice HomePage of the Week" award for the week of October 20 - October 26. And we got TWO! votes.
The BuD Uglly Site Of the Day is featured this week at See Mr. Media Squirm!

Bud Uglly Design is proud winner of some bannanas!
Cool Bananas!
Bud Uglly site of the day is listed at Crayon and we think it may be a box of 64!

I forget what this award is

Bud Uglly Dewsign also won these awards

Berry found the fish and won the game! Funky our fist award
please insert your own text here
Bud Uglly Design has garneered a much sought after LINK at the Lycos small busnis webpage.

Spinnwebe RIF WATCH (not a space agency)
Featured at eWire
Award Award Award Twoey's Links

Bud Uglly is featured at the University of Nevada and also The Univercity of Kentucky
funniest website of the month! THE HTML PAPE
Vancuver film scools, Bonnie bytes
-=DigiTality=- Mayhem
Micron's Tips for Creating Your Own World Wide Web Home Page

Margot Sinclair's weakely radioe review Twoey's Links

Also Bud Uglly Design was featured here:X

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