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frewquently asked questions maimtained by berry Uglly

Wheres the FAQ?
I jubst finished it.

Wheres the FAQ?
I jubst finished it.

I don't understand?From John Posada
We get thid question a lot and i don't understand either.

Who picked the horrible music?From Rachel Zedeck
The Musak used at Bud Uglly Design, was, carefull selected from
umung Bud's vast "Infomercial" and "Jim Neighbors Does Karokie"
midi collection. We felt that thees selections would help entertain
and at the same time educate and enlighten visitors as to just how
cultered midi, and Gomer Pile can be.

Do you really make a living on creating
theese kind of pages?From Susanne http://www.vetlanda.se/~mm96kasu
Frankly when we created the Bud Uglly Desines home on the web we
erouneusly thought we could make millions of dollars seling webpages
to unsuspecting costomers. Then we visited Geocities and realized that
we were doing nothing new. When we actually sell a webpage, than we
will probably make some money.

How many of you work on this site
(or is it just 1 master of sick humor)?
From Rachel Zedeck
Bud Uglly Design is currently staffed much like a volunteer
fire department is. This is due to the fact that moist
emploeeys have some obligations to fulfill dooing comunity
service. When we get the call to make a website,  we do
have a pole we slide down.

Are you guys for real? From Terri Bell
Yes, Bud Uglly Design can actually create a webpage
for you if you
feel you need won that badly.
Send Inkwireies here c@.com

Are you trying to get me fired?
I'm browsing your page (cackling
maniacally) and my coworkers are
looking at me like I'm insane...From FLYNN HANSEN
Originally the Bud Uglly site was not created to get people fired,
however due to our recent investigations into the validity of
creating a "Bud Uglly Emplouyment Sevise" website, we feel
that getting people fired might help drum up extra business.

Are you not ashamed?!From a concerned citizen
We here at Bud Uglly Design feel that anyperson that does
there very best and puts their entire soul into there work
should not feel embarassed about it. Irregardless of whether
it is  total garbage or not. Examples of this can bee seen by
visiting a museum and viewing som of the many works of
"Miro", "Chagall", "Pollak", or "Dekooning."

What doess^D FAQ meanb?From Ates Goral
Thanks much for asking.

Uh...or ARE you locked up somewhere,
with 'net access? form Charles Kerns
Although Som e of the members of the bud uglly team have
spint some time in vareeus institutions, at this time we
are all raoming the streets freely.

You DO realize that your page features spelling
 worse than my worst 6th graders?!?
 form Daničle Bucar
While, this is not actually a question, it is a fact that many people
have commentid about the spelling at the Bud Uglly site but
 they nevir tell us whitch word is spellid incorrectly
so we havent fixit it yet.

My boss wants one of them web sites with
a video camera so he can see if anyone
  is stealing his car. Can you help?
from Not sure
While Bud Uglly desig has many of the most advanced features that
 can be implimented on a web site we don't at this time have
 web site car alarms, but marge is pretty sure she can make
a JabaScript one. You cna also find more JavaScrap things Here

If I didn't know better, I'd think
you had visited our site for ideas.
From Scott Browne
While bud and I visit many many sites for our ideas,
because there at so many websies out there it is doubfull
thart we visited yours. If you do have a legetimate
complaint plese talk to rowlf abowt it.

Do you guys do shockwave ,MIDI
or WAV files in your web page designs?
From Richard Lorbieski
Marge and Paul areb cureently saftey checking som shockwave programs
that they made, and we hope to have thim online sometime in the next
 couple of years. As for MIDi and WAV files, we do have some on some
pages butt Bud feels that right now most ewebsits are noisy enough.

Do you give quantitty discountz?
 from Howard Fisher
Yes we do give quanlity discounts. For example, if you order one page
it would be expensive, if you order five hundrid pages it would cost
less than if you orderid thirty pages, if you were to order sixteen
pages however  it wood probably cost more than if you ordered
seventeen pages, but if you ordered twenty pages it would cost
more thasn if you ordered twenty pages.
Perhaps this has cleard thinks up a little.

Can you teach me how to speel liek you do.
I don't tink I got it ritgt aso yet.
from P4
Well you do need a questun mark at the end of ayour sentince,
otter tahn tat you spelling looks fine to me!

How do you make your animated images?
form StevenS
Being the perfectinist that he is Paul usually finds
some pictures at a website and then he uses "Gif Constriction Set" form
alchimy mindwerks. Paus sais he never sets the timing in an animated gif
to more then three thousands of a second, this helps make
 the gifs more exiting as posible.



Where's your guestbook entry so
I can leave my order?
I'm having a bit of trouble seeing it.
Fram Skunk E. Beer
Some people have had some trouble finding the order book, howerver
you can e-maul us your order or you can fill out This form. If you
still have trible seeping it, than you will probably need to get
a web browser.

What the hell's Inforamtion? From Tim
When you fill out the order form, ther is an adidtional spot near
the bottom for you to enteer extra thins you may need to tell bud
or i about yoursel or the webpage you are orderoing.

Uhh, this mail field is too 
short to be useful.From John flynn
When I designed the order form I felt it wouls be less confu
sing if the entry boxes took up less space on the page.
If anyone esle finds the orderform confiusing
plese let me know.

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