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Made my day! Now I have a page to show my clients when they complain about something that isn't just quite right. Like yellow not being "sunshine" colored enough or something.


BUD UGLLY FAN CLUB Buddy Uggly is the craziest guy I've ever seen. Each time I click on any link on his page is a new and brilliant surprise. The latest one is the "File Nite Found" found when I clicked on some of the links. So, I decided to found the BUDDY UGGLY FAN-CLUB!!! Our motto is: "LET'S MAKE INTERNET BUD!" (NOTE: instructions will be found at http://www.otacorp.com in the BUD UGGLY FAN CLUB link someplace in the main page at OtaCorp!


I wood love too wurk far you! Mabbie I cood change mi sigte to look lik yo'urs? Tehn we could say theat I was won of y'our clienst!

The Funnie Boned.. a tiney diveson of the budd ugally desgin compeny your sit is the onnly one Iv'e ever actuaely laufed out loud at. No kidden.


FIRE, (I mean)...HIRE ME!
Hey Bud Uglly folks. My name is Clay, and you'd think by now I'd smarten up. I've got an Art Diploma. I've got a diploma in Computer Graphics Imagery. I 2D and 3D animate. I create interactive pieces in Director, and poke my finger in the realm of html-ing web schtuff...You'd think a pish-posh guy like me would be out at dinner parties with Canada's finest in the graphics industry...but instead, INSTEAD, I SIT AT HOME ALL EVENING WITH MY FINGER UP MY NOSE, BROWSING FOR HOURS ON THE BUD UGLLY PAGE! (and it's ever-so-adjacent links...)

Heck, and my E-mail messages are always too long. Verbosity and insanity go together like peanut butter and polsky orgisky garlic pickles. Anyways, to make a long story short...this thing said you were hiring...or firing...whatever. And here I am, all interested and stuff (have been wondering how to contact you guys for months) and...I'm still not sure if this is a serious inquiry link...or at least semi serious, but; what have I got to loose, I figure. So if you are, hey...why not E-mail me at cewilcho@hotmail.com and I'll send you some attachment pieces of work as soon as I can get my zip drive. (NOoooo......they're not 900000000000000000x78099809999900000 inch gifs...they're just trapped on zip disk.

Just in case this is a joke, I better quit writing so I don't look like too much of an idiot. Keep up the good work.
The Wilchowy's

What can I say? The next time I haven't got none ideas about what to put on my nonexistant webpage, I'll be sure to call the folks at Bud Uglly.

PS: Were any of you born in Cleveland?


Thanks a lot for your online photo booth (Please don't confuse my sarcasam with a legitimate compliment) I thought I could save a few bucks on film devloping But Nooooo, all I ended up with was a sprained index finger from frantic clicking of my browser's back button. I would continue to babble endlessly but I am in serious pain in my "hunt and peck" keyboard strategy (Damn, I wish I learned how to touch type.) Expect a call from my lawyer! What do you have to say to that, Onionhead?

Erva Mclambton
East Armpit NJ

dam it, you guys are fuCENSOREDin' genyuses!!! Onnly thing id chande: this text-enty bex is to big. way to big. maybe have it so it scrolls side to side as you type so you cant see what it is that you jest typed? man, i hope that someday my site may acheeve the magnificent state of uglitude that is found witin these pages-- bud sadly, i was stupt enogh to buy microsuft frunt peage and it falls far short of the glorius lamitude for which i strive... well, its purty lame, actuelly; but it aint all so ugly. not real purty niether but not nearly upp to your standards of magnifisens. Goood lucjk!

Disco King of the internet
ps howes this fer an annoying signateur on eemails? I stoled it and everthing.
                                                     __--^^   __--^
                                            _-^__--^^             __--^^-_
                                          ,',-^             __--^^   __--^
                                         /,'          __--^^___---^^^
                                  __----//_        _-^__--^^
                        _-^^-_--^~         ^-_   ,'_-^
                      ,'      \          `.   \ /,'
                    ,'         |   _-^^-_. \   //
                   /           | ,'       \ \   |
                  |      ##   / /          | |  |
                  |      ## ,' /          /  |  |
                  /\     ,-^  /      ##  /      |
                 /  ^---^    |       ##,'      /
                /            |       ,'       /
             _-^              ^-___-^       ^^-_
          _-^                               _   \
       _-^                            __--^^   ,'
      /   ,^-_                  __--^^--___---^
     |   |    ^-_             ,'       /
     |    ^-_    `,         ,'        /
      \      ^-_,'        ,'         /
       `.              _-^          /
         ^-_        _-^            /
            ^-___--^/             /\
                   /             / /
                  /        ___---^^|
                 /.__---^^^        |
              ,.'/|                |
             / |/ |           __--T'
            /,;|__|     __--^^    |
             /    |_--^^          |
            i     '             ,' |
            |            .    ,'   |
           l            /     ^-_  |
           | _____     /         ^-_|           __--^^--_
          l  \   /  .  `.         _-'        _-^         ^-_
          |   \ /  /|    `-:___--T |       ,'               ^-_
         l     '  / |      |     | |     ,'                    ^-_.
         |       /  |      |     | |   ,'             _-----_      \
        l        `. |      |     | |--^             ,'       ^^--__/
        |^-_       `l      |     | |              ,'
       l\   `>             |     / |             /
       | \ ,'              |    |   \           /
      l   '                |    |    \        ,'
      |                    |    \    |     _-^
       \         /\        \     `.  |---^^
        \       /  \        \      ^~~~)
       _-`.____/    \        `.    ~~~~~)
    _-^`-_ )'  ^~~~--------~~~^`-_ ~~~~)
  ,'      '           ,'^-_ ')    ^~~~^.
 (                 _-^^-_  )'           \
  `-_           _-^  `-_ )'              \
     ^^--_____,'        '                 \
             (                             |
              `-_                       _--'

More giggles then a busload of lawyers droppping into the sea.


At first I thought you were a bunch of foreigners, or martians. Now I see you are in Illinoise. It makes all the sense in the world now.

Not really - (Are you sure)

I clicked the link to "Feedback" expecting to hear some screeching guitar sounds and instead got a bunch of text. What gives?

NameEd Maier

i'm an elephant if that helps. this is being typed for me. my skills in typeng are as follows; iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin i; jhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhitzsoeW6nOW$:IN K:ڔ/.fgc xlllllllllllyv,

Aadam Jacobs

Thank You for providing such an esthically retarded site. Like you, I despise effective design. Can you believe that some sites are actually useful. This is not the true quality of the internet. The internet should be a place for me to showoff what new little useless piece of self-indulgent tripe that I can read about in a trendy magazine. Please continue your efforts so that I can continue to become the mindless drone the technolgy industyr tries to make me. Thank You and ket the banners continue.


I haven't laughed so hard in months and months. I spit my dentures right out, my glass eye rolled across the floor, and the hot air from my laughter knocked my poor husband's toupee right offa his head!! All the way across the room!! Our poor lil 23 year old teacup poodle Muffin took such a fright that she dove under the divan and hasn't been out in a week!!
Thanks for the humor!

Diane Brunet

I like the smell of the page, did you use jaba scripts?

mikael jovenosky

I am really sorry I was here yesterday. And I notice some new things, and forgot to comment . Your'e New Look is very avante guarde with intuitive interface and color's. You contiune to blow off my sock's...both of em! BuddU. continues to lick the envelope with one inovvation after another.(grin). So, enough but-kissing. Also, you have not yet place you'r order for Valentime's thematically -based copyIf you build it I, will come. Ha Ha.Let me know if you want me to waist some of my time.(I normly charge upword's of $6 to 8 dollars a peice for humorus' workd.) So hurry and decide ok? I am still swampt under the avvalanch ov email I recevievd for my Chrisma's poem loosly based on the Night Befoar Chrisma's. But I am the type of chik who will Anser Every One! Ha Ah.Call me at sparker@gvi.net, or simply pick up the phone and send me email at 800-254-212three.I will never say dye.


Ladies n Gentlemen, n I use the words loosely.

I has been, fer a long time now, a dedicated reader (viewer, user, addict) of Bud Uggly Designs. I's delighted ta see what some people with real taste has gone inta the Site-ov-the-Day business. (Glag y'all r in it, too.)

Fer months now, I has been recommendin that all ma friends n acquaintances (er should it be both, rather'n all?) ta bookmark the Bud Uggly site n visit it fer therapeutic reasons whenever they's feelin down inna dumps. Sev'ral has been able ta discontinue their psychotherapy, n one is now an outpatient. Hee-ul! Hee-ul! Thought you'd wanna know that.

Now to this SOTD stuff. Ov course I'd be happy as a pig in warm slop ta receive the Bud Uggly Award. But, I has one big concern. If'n I gits the award, then I's stuck with the "design award." It ain't got none ov the weird color combinations, none ov the misspellin's, none ov the graphic anomalies, none ov the fine music, I has learned ta know n love from ma visits ta yer site. How come?Still, if'n y'all were ta give me yer SOTD design, I'd prob'ly hafta lie down in a dark room with a wet towel over ma eyes.

Cong. Billybob

Pee Ess: I can't send donuts. Would a coupla pizzas be okay? I ken put stamps on em, n rat the address in cheese.

The Bud Uglly site is one of the funniest things I've ever seen!! Great job! It's amazing how much time you spent making it look so ugly. I also wanted to mention that I was surprised to see that someone has actually taken you up on your design services:

Kieran Chapman
Web Designer
Planet Direct

send me a price info

I've never been so confused on how to make anything in my whole life. I want to make a web page but I don't evin know where to start. HELP if you can, or if you have the time


You can get some help here:
(at the developer zone) However it's a little advanced.

Or for some free graphics and lots of HTML help, check out this place. http://www.zeldman.com/toc.html

Good luck!

Hey Bud Uglly,
I luved ur wabpages!!! WOw, i meen, you didn't mak a single spellling eror! Is Bud Uglly grphics produscions gonna make anymore wabpages? hello? ar you listening? ummm helloo? im talking to myself arent i. o well, it was nice meeting you mr. uglly, and i'll always remember IF ITS NOT BUD UGLLY, THE I PROBLY PAID TOO MUCH!


I think you need mental help. That turns me on.


Hey, I sa a tipo on yer paje. Feature should be read feetshurz.


Deer butt-
my preevius imploimunt wuz as an edter of a famus new york magizeen. Only after 3 daze, thay fired me. I dunt' now why? I reely neede a job, can u help me?? I luv peanuts.

Myra humperdink

Dear Webmaster,
I'm teaching myself to design and build a web page just for the hell of it. I can only aspire to perfection such as that produced by your company. Thanks for the monster laugh! Who knows? Maybe I'll be a little good at it someday. Keep 'em chuckling!


Hey! One of my pages looks like this.

Robin Alistar

With out a doubt the worst site on the web. You should be proud that you have managed to collect all of the worst aspects of really bad web page design into one huge bloated package. I would suggest surgery or some form of therapy but I am not sure anything would help. If you have any friends I would advise that you keep them away from this place or you may find loneliness to be your only friend!

Always Apple!, Michael
On a pale horse I saw Bill Gates and behind him all hell followed
PS. ;-)

How many friggin' WTG's do you people want? sheesh.. okay.. Your site is the BEST the WORST and the (fill in the blank yerownself) on the web I am so sick that I have been here for 25 hours. Oh shit,... gotta run.. baseball in and hour.. (not mine, but my kids) and I haven't showered in 2 weeks. Think they will notice? Anyway.. I'll find more comment boxes when I get back.

Do your sides ever hurt after reading these pages?

What would you like to see in the future at Bud Uglly Design?

good morning webmangler, it's very refreshing to see your site. There are far too many slick sites around. Time for a revival of the first generation web site. I noticed that your pages were fairly quick to load. Perhaps in the improved version you could make them take longer. regards, I'd like to see better use of color. This page is great, but it looks a little pale.
Crystal, creator of Crystal's Cave lynn@ww.com.au

I'd like to see better use of color. This page is great, but it looks a little pale.
Craig Craig@witty.com

Don sonich@rconnect.com

better design!

How to stick your finger up your nose without making it bleed too much when it itches.
Cliff cliffr@netcom.com

how about a jpeg using a really far out palette that looks like a psychodelic black velvet painting when you show it in a browser?

Stink-a-lot for pointing out the new wai in coomputing and bew page dezin. Expensive use of Jaba and mulchimidea brings yout sit to the top of the buttom.
Alex - The epicenter of nowhere. alex@cis.ohio-state.edu

You to go away and learn how to do things right.
Ryan Melvin thinmn@twave.net

More horses. Keep bringin' on those horse, 'cause I just love 'em. Oh, yes.
Leonard Nimoy wh@ e-mail?

Some more small blue crunchy things would be welcome. Oh, and pastry - definitely needs more pastry.

What the F*ck. How about some pix of naked women. I hhear that hustler has some nise ones - you sould be able to steeel them. Just one or too or 3,433,554 would be kule.
From: Oh yea right - you are probably run buy the FBI or sumpthing

I want to see lots of frames that don't work!!!
Sophia Loren

you take an english class

more stoopid backgrounds!! they ruck!
uzi juurrack rob@crabhead.com

Bud Uglly really needs a "Bud Uglly-enhanced" search engine type thing. Of course queries should in no way match what it is you're looking for. Keep up the terrible work!
Rob Carlson, possibly the world's lamest webmaster ProtoApe rob@jurock.com

sax and violins
ProtoApe protoape@earthlink.net


more nudity

With all things considered (and I mean ALL!) I think the one thing I would like to see the most is a Pitre Dish page (you know...where ameboas and all things microscopic live) Page, where a rag-tag assortmant of animated GIFs live. People can submit gifs (if possible) and the adorable public get a chance to vote on the best, worst, grossest,...you get the idea. Neat, eh? And not all that unrealistic. Just make sure the background looks ooozy!
Clayton Wilchowy

Tim Benoit

...the typo thing gets old pretty quick...but how about some totally innapropriate fonts? love your crazy website


A link to my page would be good!
Damien Keffyn

More Graphix...

any hot chicks e mail me hehehe just kiddin.
Call me Slappy

Couldn't you serve us...mhh... probably a few *real* cookies????!!! I prefer chockolade, bi the way (HUNT!!!!! HINT!!!!) : )

Naked women? gold fishes? my wife's mother hanged in a tree?

Frames! Frames! You must have more frames!!!

You shud put som dencing monkeez in de titl of de paje.

Pork rinds. More pork rinds.
Bill Clinton

i would like to see lots of coo stuff and girls and stuff and candy.
Buck Wheezer

Rainbow dividers

The authors picture w/o a warning that it may time 20 minutes to download.

An OBVIOUS "Hidden" link to a page that says "Congradyoulasions - You found the Secret Sex Pix Page. I don't have any pictures now. Send them to me but please zip them cause my mom doze not no how to run pkzip."
Paul Schirf

Evil Frames

juice. he wants some juice. and pickle please. thank you.
joey parrie

Gif animations of flames

box stuff

I would like to have printable money. Does these stupid assed boxes make my keyboard not type some of the 'effin' letter OR WHAT??? GGGGGEEEEEEEE ZZZZZZZZZZEEEE EOOOOOOPETE

how about some stuffing?

It is Da Bomb


japanese anime

More drugs Downloadble drugs Double-clickable drugs Who cares.... just keep taking them !

something that works

I wanna see kew1 warez!!!
kew1 d00d

More freaking frames

I would like to see more flashing textboxexs cuz they're dope lookin. and stuff steven stephens


More !!!!

I really wan sex

A turnip
The turnip god



morre misteaks

u cant improove on perfeckshun

naked people with deformed genitals.

James Bond

Chuck Paige

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