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could you plese tell me how to git to www.microsoft.com? do i need a special progrm for this or can i just go there in person? di i need to send you money, and if so, how much? is it a one time paymint or is it a weekely thing? thanking you, i remain, ever so sincerely, me

- fork in the rode -

we find your spelling errrors unfuny

- Nobody -

Just a suggestion; I'd like to see the text bleed into the marble sidebars a little. I just like that kind of challenge.
- Barbara Rush -

Its been awhile since I visited your home page. I was worried that you went with the other webmasters to the Hale-Bop comet.

Could you please design a resevation and seating chart for the next spacecraft departure?

- Richard -

I have a friend, and she wants to be part of the Bud Uggly Design Team. She does, not me! Any way, I...er...she wanted to know how to be a member. She is very good at graphics and HYML and can also spel reel bad if aksed to do sew. So, this is imploring you to let her be part of the Bud Uggly Team! Whoopeeeee!!!!!! She is very lonely and really wants to be part of something really big and cool and big. And she is also funny. See the below example of the extent of her funniness:

Q:How many potatos does it take to cross the road?
A:(this is the funny part)three and a half.

See? She is very funny and she wants YOU. She has been offered jobs from such esteemed companies as:

John Hopkins Radioactive Testing Center
Digital Poop Homepage
Hormel SPAM Tasting Committee.
Happy Elroy's Internet Potty Training
Cambridge University Janotorial Union
Katy's Porn in a Box
The Onion Ring Center for Abused Onion Rings

See what you're missing? You should better her up, before she takes the job at Hampsters Anonymous. Goodbye.

- Me -

P.S. If you decide, since she is an HTNL and graphics genius, to let her try out for Bud Ugglyness, please E-mail the reply by hitting the "reply" button, since that's how you reply. And her name is Sloopy, ok?

Give this site an Bud Uglly Design-Award: http://www.trosamusik.se

- Stefan -

Bug Udleyy pagise are the best pagges on the itrnaet i have yet too seen. kEEP uP THe good weurk

I like bud uly paggse
- Name -

hehaheah your sit rules i luvved it :)

i halfn't seen anything so funny in a lng time!

hehe. Loved it, i know lots of sites that look like that :) You need more error 404's for the extra laugh.

and more people need banners on yoouurbfeedback :)

And to whom thought it was offensive to real website developers, im a website developer, and it WAS hillariour because you find stuff like that all over the place :)

The site just needs link to AOL error 404's too :)

- jets -

It took me a few pages to catch on, and I felt like an anal idiot when I realized your intention. My apolojees for my momentary lack of respeckt.

Plus, maybe yoo cud help me with my website sometime. ride thru and lemming know what you think about it. Much more conforming than yours, but I'm just a social deviant when I send email.

- Graphicsman -

Typos are not a great way to impress potential customers!

On your front page - last paragraph:
"See ourt list of exciting features and satisfied customers."

- Craig Crandall -
Director, National Account Development
USWeb Corporation

urs is the most thing i've seen ever. will you marry me? - babs toyfish -

I think it's all been said here, but I'll say it anyway. I laughed so hard I cried, especially at your Newsletter. Sounds like my company. Maybe you could get an interactive page that lets the user change fonts and colors on their desktops. That would let them have lots of practice as your future employees. I prefer camoflauge (I'm sure I spelled that wrong, but no one here will notice).

- Name Beth -

this has got to be the funyest... funiest... dangit... humorous web site I've ever saw.

- bobzilla -

Dear Bud, The idea of having an award for ugly pages is a valid one but, to put it gently, would it not be to your advantage to make sure all text on your own page is not only spelled correctly but recognizable as well? *laughing* Good site anyway. :)

Just a visitor.
- Heather -

In-freakin'-credible! A friend sent me to your site, and I mut agree with her -- it's a perfect example of what _not_ to do with web space. I can only hope that would-be web publishers take your page to heart. What a wonderful WWW it would be if everyone took a good, hard look at their own 'pages after seeing yours! Kudos on a job well done.

- Kevin M. Clark -

Hi, I like your page. It's real F'ed up.

I'm a future engineer that just finished an application to Caltech. I want to create a bridge some day, and I hope I'm as good at my job as you are at yours!!! Maybe I can build that bridge in your town....

Btw, how come the "sideways" tag doesn't work for me?

- Thomas Olaes -

You lucky dogs. This is the second time I have visited your website. I actually spent 15 minutes looking this time! This is a very funny site and it has a bit of truth to it when you see all of the horrible things people put up on the web. As a software developer I plan to incorporate all of your techniques and pass them along to my colleges(sic). I am certain that this will be a valluble(sic) learing tool in my organization.

- Elizabeth -

This is wonderful. my companie would like 2 bye ur servic. Can U servic us and if so how long can we expct to wait 4 ur mision to complet.

- pRESIDENT n cEo dUMd Ass iNC -

AHaha the bud uggly page kicks ass, part of the homepage i'm designing is going to be the best on the internet!@ so , i want you to make a page for me. just 1 page, and my homepage will rock. topic doesnt matter. hehe

keep up the professional designing!@
- fever - twilight. -

u shud tel you're clients that thay can save $$$ by puting all of there sight on 1 big page (that wud bee cheeper, rite?). that mite help smaler co's get on the web. i've seen people do it. thanx 4 makeing the www a better place 2 live!!!!! <:)))

- a frend -

Nice site, but one problem;
Why would I want to get a site from some guys who can't even get a working counter on their page? (G)

- Sean D. Hert -

You have a multitude of mispelled words on your web page. I am not sure that I would use a company to create my web page that cannot create their own high quality page.

- Steve Adams -

YOUR SPELING SUCKS U SHULD LAERN TO TYPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Loved your page! If only more people could do stuff like this, the Web would be a better place! :)

- Me -

Dear Erich,
Stopped by this morning to take a look-see. Y'all still have a ken eye fer the absurd.

I didn't explore the entire site, since Kem was waitin fer me, ta take a shower. (It's very important ta save water.) I din't dind the dulcet tones ov Fer Elise. I hope that hasn't wound up onna cutting room floor. It was so perfeck that onna 50th hit, it would still make me laugh.

Remember that the latch string is still out fer the two ov you, when you ken find the time ta mosey down.
John, aka Billybob

God woork, poepel. Keep it upp. Iff I had like, more than I do in my bamk account, which isnt' all that nuch, like maybe fourtythree times what I heve now, then i might connisder odering a wepbage from you. butt sadly i do'nt. I only have one forthythird of what I thiink would be worth for paying you peelpe to desing a site for mee, and so i can't but meybe order one fortythird of a website. oh howe sad this mekes me! so meybe you could have such a deal? or maybe find forthy too other people intersted in the samme sorta deal (eash with only one forty thurd of what they feel its' wurth) and give to me their addresses so we could cullaburete on it, pule resurces and meybe get a hole wedsite togethr? 9yu guise no htnl progroming langurage, right?0 oh, bulshitt--mebby i can jsut keep makking entrys here until ive said whatver it is i wannted to sey on my websit,e and that culd be the same thing practiccallly almost! or meybe not, huh. wel, id do it but i forget what i! t was i was goign to putt on the site in the first place by now because you gott me all confuseed with this worrrying over prices and having like ony one forty thired of what i fel its worth. so nevvermind. maybe later, if forthy trhee (43) others com alogn you tell me. ok? good, alwrity then, thakns agin, and gode might to you all, unles its day were you are> i relly wuldn't know with time sones and all. they're so comfusing i think its' a comspiracy to comfuse me oh wauit! thats what i was going to say on my webpage, that its a consirasy aginst me, the whole time sone thin. they only came up with it to confuse , me. fukcign arrogint basterds. scru themm. so nevermind, i said all i wanted to. thanks agin, you peopopel are grate for lettign me say thiss here stead of havving to buy a webspace with you which wuld have cost me forty thre times what i got, if it ws to be fare and acquitable peyment, as they say (the same they whats trying to comfuuse me with the time zomes.) g!

ud lock to yu al.
- Heffer wolfe -

I am not quiet sur how I got here but i sur am glad i did. I only started workn with web paige desiegn a short time a go an was havin troble tryn to maake my paiges look like the othr paiges on the web. Now i am much releaved to sea that my paige has a lot of feetures of yur profesionsl service. Sum day i hope to be able to do fraames an othr stuf like yu folks do. Thankks for the confidence buildr. maibe yu wold like to visit

ain't it fun?
- Bill Powell -

Bud-- I don't know how you manage to do it, but you continue to surpass your earlier achievements...which were already unmatched in the entire field of Web page desigm. Truly you have made a quantum leap (using "quantum" as physicists do). I recommend your site to all of my friends who have their own ideas about Web page desigm.

Keep up the work!
- Charles -

You have TOO much time on your hands and where is THE MEG RYAN PICS?

- Derek Gorman -

your homepage sucks

- ralle -

Your web page has a lot of good ideas but I would like to make one very important suggestion. Use your spell check through out your site. There a MANY misspelled words or typewritting errors. If you want some one to hire you to do a web page for them, it is important that you look really professional.

Good luck to you.

- Janet Burgeson -
Redlands, Ca

I am very disappointed in your new site. It isn't as uglly as the last one. I think you should still have the old one there too, and then you can put this on as a new and improved version.

- TM -

PS: One uglly feature which you've managed to get into your site quite well is in your table setting. I have to scroll rightandleftandrightandleft just to be able to read the text, because the design doesn't fit my monitor.

Oh man, that it the ugliest and coolest page I've ever seen. Of course I refer to http://www.wwwvoice.com/bud/bud.html it is HIDEOUS! Wonderful spelling! ;) If I wasn't a competitor I would use your services. But since I am a competitor, I don't really need to ;) What I would like to do is put a link to you in my site, (In development) at http://www.oaktree.net/zain/interweb if that would be cool with you. (Why wouldn't it be?) Anyways, good on ya for the uglly page, best laugh I've had all day next to IE 4 "Active Setup" hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

- Zain -

you know... i thought i was a decent enough web designer until i ran across your sites.... jeez... i need a new occupation.... you guys are great!

yurs very trully,
- LJ -

p.s. bud uglly was the most fun we have had in AGES!

I must say I’m delighted! The new Wombat must be success! Are you a Pantera owner today? Otherwise you should be because you have certainly found all week spots and corrected them.

· The Pantera was not marketed as a DeTomaso in the states. It was made by Ghia in the ads and sold by Lincoln.
· The huge trunk space exists but the problem with Dzuz is now solved (explosing bolts).
· Refrigerated glove compartment. Of course! The cooling radiator is just to the left of it so why not?
· Velcro sealing doors. Finally is window frames that don’t seal history.
-Where the hell should I place the spare tire? No it’s beautifully solved. Though the problem where to put the replaced tire still persists. A GT5 has a 345/35-15 tire and the rim alone is maybe $1000.
· The design with a splitted front window makes us swedes remember the old Volvo 444 Duett that had a splitted rear window.
· Interior wipers? Glorios! Since most the Panteras is ridden dry because of it’s always under reconstruction by it’s dedicated owner. And by our gas price (four times the US price) it’s not a bad idea.

You are now officially in book Hall of fame of Panteras.
- Bjorn Carlsson -

Secretary of The Swedish DeTomaso Club

Wow, I can't recall the time I laughed so hard. Somebody has a very uncanny sense of humor, and I like it a lot. I especially like your creative use colors, they way they clash together is very unique. For some fun and interesting stuff come on in to the liquid world.

- Liquid Animator -

Hasta la vista, chemotherapy, but remember. There are more of us than there are of you.

Just wish i could come up with something that is as entertaining as what you've done. Especially since i have no real life. You'd think i could do something more ... uh, well more.

- Dwight Claassen -

are you really hiring? your page confuses me....

- andrea -

Hej med jer.
Jeg skriver bare for at sige, at jeg simpelthen elsker jeres side, og selvfølgelig er helt vild efter at blive en del af "The Bud Uglly Teem". Jeg har leget med det meste indenfor faget, såsom JavaScript, Java, HTML, Shockwave, og lidt VRML. Desuden er jeg da også noget af en expert indenfor Paintbrush.

Så hvis I i jeres store visdom skulle have lyst til at have mig med i feltet, så e-mail mig hurtigst muligt, så vi sammen kan komme igang med at skabe en stor fremtid for Budd Uggly. Der er masser af pebernødder til jer, hvis I er med på ideen.

Med venlig hilsen
- Nikolaj Kolbe -

By the way: If you doesn't understand danish, this letter basicly says that i love your site, and would love to pay you peanuts for being a part of "The Team".

By the other way: CLOG isn't a danish shoe. I think it is the name of an old swedish porn-star, but I'm not quite sure.

Hello! I can't remember the last time I had so much fun in front of a monitor ( well,actually I can but hey! that's personal!)! This page is true genius and I wish I had thought of it first! I will be adding a link from my humble page (it wasn't humble till I came here).

- Dat Darn Deb -

My friend just started a comercial service designing web pages and I sent him your URL so he'd know what he was up against! Now he'll quit and go whitewater kayaking with me all the time instead of saying he has to work.

- David Smiley -

Dont yoo hate it wen pepul try to copie off of yoo, by speling reel bad, and then thay E-male it to yoo? I do.

- Bubba Dorkwiener -

Dr. Mr Uglly,
Nobody takes my web page seriously. How can I get a good one like yours? I will gladly pay for your services. I have 11 cents and a slightly used RatBastard action figure.

PS-- I think a page full of animated gifs would be nifty. Can you help?
- Rat Bastard -

Cool! Webpage! Its especially true to most of the sites on the web!

- Stormfury -

Glen, shithead@the funnybone sent me to your page. somehow i got in frnt of ur web tan now my eys r sullen sht. im having my dg rte this its hrd to dik tate to him so the tranlation mit b a bit off. tnks for noting i will be sending your bill to my doktur.

jst wntd to drp U a _________ 2 let U now that i laffed tell my innards comed out. ThAT part wer you did that thing wz funny. Seems you hve Spent mch time and monis at your xpnce to shoe of url talnts. iF only i Could be as Talended. i Jst Now thet my mom wuld bee prud. i Liked all of the pleces i cud go insede url plece. surl was a lot too sea.

- llunas -

Hoy there,
thanks for your webpages. I almost believe again that there is a god.. hehehe.. almost. If I was to order a website anywhere, it would be a Bud Uglly Page. Too bad I have no money left. I'd like to inform you that you are welcome to join the Crude Ribbon Camapign, a campaign for all pages in the web that are proud to be useless.

Well, I missed sheep on your pages, too. And there was no sing-along contest with Prizzy the cow, but no problem.

May bee I cut do som sheep for you. Animated sheep gifs. There are cheap gifs, everywhere, so why not sheep? and I think you do not use the blink tag as often as you should. Apart from that, how much do I have to pay when I want 23 plane black paiges?

- Stefan -

You certainly have fun mangling the English language--both usage and spelling! Too bad you can't put your talents to use leading people instead of misleading people.

- PSBEACHNUT@aol.com -

I have truly enjoyed visiting your site, after learning about it from the Tourbus. But you guys are in need of some serious therapy!


Hey, I can only say that you deserve whatever award there is for original humor (unless of course you stole your ideas from someone: then you get the award for stealing someone elses original humor).

Great stuff! The damn song clinched it....

keep smiling.
- tj -

luved the paige. its aktualy whut sum of my klientz r loockin four. thanx fore the ghoti thinng. (thats "gh" as in cough, "o" as in reason, and "ti" as in position. Figure it out)


Even as a Swede I recognize your immediate need to see a speech therapist. Where does it hurt?

- sig -

Alwasy Changing!!! Kule
Great SATIRE of the wab. i wish that more folks could throw in a little humor on the web as ya'll have. YAHOOP!

- webspinner-Rabid Raven -

Is your parody excessive? hell no!
I thought your parody was on the extreme side until I visited http://www.bsoftware.com/share.htm. By the way I let them know, too! I figure you know I'm not shy.

- Tiimothy David Whelan -

Is there any way you could sell this stuff at gas stations? I read your page for only three or four minutes and my headache is GONE!

- Visual Echo -

Not to be entirely rude, but the concept is called "grammar" and "spell check". Take a class, or locate the spell check button on your editor. Your home site is an insult to true web developers.

- Angela Kelley -

Man, that's one funny page! Congratulations on a fine job... the search engine section takes the cake.

- Aaron Bertrand - President
Desktop Innovations

loved it...! :)

Seeyaa in Cyberspace...! Belladonna

Beautiful! I love it! And my god, how do you people get the time to do all this material?

P.S.--To all those talking about spelling errors; look at the rest of the page. Of course it's intentional, you doofs.

- Ice Nine -

What would you like to see in the future at Bud Uglly Design?

More flashlights

you need to spell stuff right!

mor Unyunhedz


More links to MY site!!!
Buck Wheezer

pictures of insect genitalia
Buck Wheezer

how about a page containing every annoying javascript gimmick?


A purty pik-up troke would be nize.

haaaa hahahahha aaahhaaaoooohh hahhhha aaaa aahhaaaaha hahahah...oh...man....stop it some more!

more skinn

A spelling and grammar checker!!

The picture of Sylvie

hello... how r u? i'm fine thanx! love ya! bye

"tom" sorryu i forgot to write in my name on the last onew

Sweltering, lambada dancing weather moles from Nantuckett lobe your wab page desine.

I can spel worss than this. Welcom to thynk of it none kan reed migh spelin. Sorry nevrmind. I wood lyke to see som bugs for sale.

Where th hell am I?

More colors not found in nature
David Smiley

More ducks!

Shackwave porgramms pleeese
adndrian waird

crummy distorted soundtracks

nekkid pictchers

like i said up there, i still think you should hire me

I think tiny should visit other countries! Israel - bagels. England - uh, some kind of muffins. Belgium - toaster waffles. The Imaginary Land of Melba - Melba Toast! (ok, you got me, I ran out of ideas!)
okthanksbye! rgerace

Where are the frames???

You need far more green things. Blue things are ok, but I can't seem to get enough green things. and cheese. I can't get enough cheese either. and while we're on the subject, I would really enjoy scaling a wall. not always, just once in a while, though the bread would probably get damp. In addition, there are too many sparkly things. they make my eyes hurt. and the mustangs? what the hell kind of name is that? but is there some sort of hidden(extra) charge? and, if so, what of the thumbtacks? huh? what will they do? the 'little people' are always forgotten. what if 'they' tell you something? what is this...thing? or, if you prefer, the large one; the one with the feather things on the side (but with the toothbrush-looking things next to it). But definitely more green things.
668-The Neighbor of the Beast


Dekrapppppedtated Grafhicks
I Dunno

I wud like ot sea a bigger jawa bal. and a new Uranus computer. Also could you creat a big page where a cat says meow. Thank you.
David Burch

a really ok page

Meg Ryan photos
Derek Gorman

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