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B U D . U G L L Y . D E S I G N
How can Bud Uglly make your new website one of the top on the web! With the billions of websites on the web today yours will need to be something different and special, otherwise everyone is just going to ignore you. The competishin is fierce and that's ware Bud Uglly Design steps in. With a webpage designed by Bud Uglly Design there is no question that your product or service will stand out from the rest. Bud Uglly Design will also register you new website with all the major search engines that will still deal with us. We use many of the most advansed, and confusing features available on the Internet today!


this is only a sample and does not work.
Soon Bud Uglly will be featuring VRML(very real something-or-another) which is a three dee view, so visitors to our website can being in a more realistic place. Bud Uglly will feature this as soon as marge can see how to do it.

While Bud Uglly design is working on completing your new websit, your pages wont just be sitting around confusing peoples. We will post one ouf our cutting edge Under consrtruction animated gifs. Construction pictures like this can cost millions of dollars at other design firms. But at bud Uglly they are just part of our complete webpage service.

Only Bud Uglly can create for you theese hjigh end banner ads, much like this one whitch features a subpliminal message that can you can only see if you are looking very hard.

Your new website will need to get infromation out to people FAST
by opening up another browser window people will be able to get more
information about your product in a neat consicese manner.

Clicking here will open two new wabpages at once!
Clicking here will open FOUR new wabpages at once!
Theese more advanced bud uglly webpage features may crash your wad browser.

insert your own text here Most web design companys would just be satisfied with an ordianry asortmint of pictures, but here at Bud Uglly Design we feature a full complement of picturers of a wide varity of frogs.
More about frogs on the Internet

Art that is made up of only text and not pictures will load faster on the internet. Only Bud Uglly Design offers this high end feature. Here are some of the simples of asii art that Bud Uglly Design can impliment on your new webpages. (if you order a webpage)
 ___             _  _   _         _  _
|   \ _   _   __| || | | |  __ _ | || | _   _
|   /| | | | / _  || | | | / _` || || |\ \ | |
|   \| |_| |/ |_| || |_| || (_| || || | \ \| |
|___/\_____/\_____| \___/  \__, ||_||_|  \_  |
 D  E  S  I  G  N           |___)          |_|
 ______           _              _
|_   __|_   _ _  | |    /\   __ | |__
  | |/ __| \ | /|   |  /  \ |  /|  __|
  | |  __| / | \ | |  / () \| | | |
  |_|\___|/_/ \_\|_| /______\_| |_|

   O             O             O
  |S|           /L\           |J|
  / \           / \            ||

Superman     LoiusLane     Jimmie Olson(sittind down)


 A man with his bow tie cought in an elivator door.

  ,_|> ,_|>
  | |  | |

This is a picture of too dears.


This is a picture af a smiley face.(it is sideways)

       X X 

This is a picture of a wedding cake with the bide and groum on top.


If your website sells pretzils than we can use this pictures of a bowl of pretzils.
It also can be used to represent a boat with only a few minor changes.

  o o                      o o
   ^                        ^
little orphan annie     and her dog

        (   )
        (  )
         ( )
     |    _    _           _    _       |
     |   |_|  |_|    _    |_|  |_|      |
     |______________| |_________________|

This is a picture of the Bud Uglly Design Headquartres in Chacago Illinoise.

If you wood like to know more about asii art, click here

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