. These are all the awads that Bud Uglly Design has won!
Bud Uglly and the entire Bus Uglly staff would like to thank all theese sites for choosing us and giving is all theese awards. If it wern't for them we would never have made this page.

Bud Uglly Design has won numerous acllaim like this at forigen websites Trött på den smakfulla och profesionella design som Telia Internet Design Partners kan erbjuda? Vill ni nå slå alla bottenrekord i smaklöshet? Prova då Bud Uglys Web Design. :-)
(what the hell does this say anyway?)

Cool Site of the HourWe were featured for almost an hour at Cool Central

Tres Bizarre

Peek a Boo

Net Junkie's Pick

Cybermad Bud Uglly was a Mystery Site at Cybermud

reader award


The WebSurfer's Choice HomePage of the Week Award
Bud Uglly was one of the nomynees for the "WebSurfer's Choice HomePage of the Week" award for the week of October 20 - October 26. And we got TWO! votes.

Also Bud Uglly Design was featured here:X

ept Featured as a loverly link at ept the moist unusual second best looking site on the werb.

SpinnWebe Award Winners of a spinnwebbe award for creeativitye and exclence in webpage making.

Edsil Tarkingham
The Edsil Tarkingham Just Like Me Award

Cool Link Featurid as a cool link of the week.

Bud Uglly design can be seen at the The Elsop Webmaster Resource Center


Cabana beach Club
Bud Uglly is prood winner of the Funniest Website of the Month


Wendys Awarded The wink award by The Wendy House, home of Miss Wendy and Retro Graphix. Not to be confused with the wendies of wendy's hamburgers.

Cabana beach ClubThis is Bud's sisters very snarly award so you should visit The Cabana Beach Club

Honorary NeanderthalBud Uglly Design has received the very fist "Honorary Neanderthal" award every bestowed and we consider it one of the highest honors for any any website. Be sure to visit his newly designed pages Grogg Neanderthal Advice

Bud Uglly recieved the prestigious honor of being the fist site to ever recieve five "one" star awards at the FunnyBone (instead of the normal one five star award)

Awarded a do it right award from the Old Maid

Internet Underground
Featured in the November 1996 issue of Internet Underground Magazine on one of the pages inside.

Bud Uglly site of the day was namd "Excellent" at The Ultimate Award Page

Bud Uglly was possibly featured at Netskills (not too be confused with the famous mountains)

Through an obvious mistake of some kind, Bud Uglly design has won the prestigios NISA award for personal website, for the month of May 1996.

Bud Uglly Design is featured at the rather wacky and zany OtaCorp

Bud Uglly Design is curently featured as a Fagin Kitty Sweel place to visit.

The Bud Uglly Site of the Day is lisped at the AWARDS CAVE

Yahoo Pretty StrangeYahoo Pretty Strange
We won two of tham.

We had a Horkless Awad but they probly took it away.

Moonfish award of 1998

Bud Uglly is one of the links @ Sashaay's List Of Links

Roadside AttractiveFeatured at Roadside Attractions

Mr meedia The BuD Uglly Site Of the Day was featured at Mr. Media

Cool Bananas!Bud Uglly Design is proud winner of the Cool Bannana!

The Bud Uglly site of the day is listed at Crayon and we think it may be a box of 64!

Also Bud Uglly somehow ended up at David Spohn's corner of the Mining Company

I forget what this award is Bud Uggly Design was selected as a Blond Ambition winner sometime in 1997

One of our very first awards! Berry Found the Fish and won the game!

please insert your own text here This is actually our very fist award. The prestigious Best Internet Page award.

Bud Uglly Design has garneered a much sought after LINK at the Lycos small busnis webpage.

Spinnwebe We had won a Spinnwebbe award which was however revoked at a later date.

Rif Watch Which is not a space agency or actually anyplace to find rifs.

Bus Uglly Design is also featured at these many fine places: eWire
Award Award Award Twoey's Links

Univercity of Nevada
The Univercity of Kentucky
Funniest website of the Month!
The HTML Page
Vancuver film scools Bonnie bytes
-=DigiTality=- Mayhem
Micron's Tips

an award Somebody talked about our site at Margot Sinclair's weakely radioe review.

room Wiener of The Room's Monthly honor roll.

I Opener Links was responsible for suggesting we add a Bud Uglly Site of the Day.

Nuke The NetCrazy Joes Bungee Jump was considered "Nuclear Explosion" good at Nuke the Net

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