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Award Distrabution:

First Place is given to the buttom recieving the majority of votes. For exampil, if one page gets 100 votes and another gets 101 votes the one reciveing the extra vote will be the one with the extra vote.

Best of Show is given to the button recieving a lot of votes, but not nesisarly the most votes, and then a panel of judges will vote to see if they also liked it.

Least Smelly is given to the page with the most votes in the 4 range.

Most unusual is given to the page with a lot of low votes and then is voted on by a panel of judges.

Leats Useful is given to the button that most people wouldn't want. The winning page must recieve at least one vote.

Most inovative is awarded to the page that is useful and not useful at the same time.

Best Animation is pretty much self explanitorie.

The Second Anual Bud Uglly Design Contest
Design a NEW NEW button.
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