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B U D . U G L L Y . D E S I G N
(The Contest is now officialy over but theese were the rules)
color meeee!
Color the above picture, or creat your own NEW buttonn. (Contest Instructions Below)

This is the old new bitton butt we're loking for a new new button. You need to see your pitures!

PRIZE POOL: This years prize pool will include: Half of Berry's dust bunnie collection, 300 paper clips all stuck together, 3 one inch pencils, a highliter with the cap missing, a map of Wisconsin (featuring close ups of milwakee), an AOL disk, an electrical toaster cord, one serving of spagetti-o's, a partial package of floortiles, an extra large, and an award.

SECOND PLACE PRIZES: A Chia-pet, most of an eraser, and an AOL disk.

THIRD PLACE PRIZES: Offical Elvis toenail clippers, a limited colectors edition box of kleenex, and an AOL disk.

Non-Winners Prizes: An AOL disk.

You must enter before >

Anyone can enter the contest. To enter, simply, color in the above button on your computer and e-mail it somewhere.

STEP 2: If you don't have a computer than you can simply color in the picture with crayola brand crayons or any other handy writing utensil (this could possibly include lipstik but it would be prefferable not to use any dairy products for coloring)

RULE 5:Animated gifs will be accepted, but they should move around.

STEP: E-mail it to the adress listed below as an attachment to your e-mail. Winners will be posted at the Bud Uglly site in June or July along with your name and a link to your homepage if you have one.

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