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To the president of the bud ugly web page design co.

No offense guys, but i don't think your company will ever get any where in the design business. First of all, the colours you people choose to put together clash, really badly. Like purple and green, or light blue and pink. Then, there are the terrible errors in the grammar you use, do you not realise how senseless the literature on your pages are? It doesn't stop there. Your spelling skills are comparable to that of a child! Are you not ashamed?! I also have to say something about the taste of your designs, (especially the backrounds) which is very poor. Perhaps you should set higher goals for the company, or maybe try your luck elsewhere. I am not trying to be rude, in fact I am trying to help you see your faults, and hoped you have learned from this letter.

Best wishes and goodluck!
a concerned citizen
no, I do not think I can entrust such people with my e-mail address. sorry.

I sent your site to a newsgoup of people whose main job it is to review, test and comment on websites. I did this as a favor because they really have help me out with some crossplatform browser stuff, and i thought they would enjoy it. For the most part you killed a bunch of them, they thought it was one of the funnest things they had every seen.
One person though sent back this response:

Viewing on a Power MAC Netscape 3.0 on a T1 line. 17" Monitor. My personal opinions, I hope they help.

There are a lot of spelling errors, not sure if there are meant to be mispelled words, but there are a lot. Also, some of the HTML has been caught on the site, some of the tags are showing because a ">" was not used to close the tags out.

ALSO: The first page (the "Big" window)...the animated "Bud Uglly Design" takes up almost my entire screen, and it is blured in a big way. It's difficult for me to read it. And I believe that is either a result from changing the size in your HTML, or making the image bigger in Photoshop, in either case, both of those ways creates a larger image, but blured. You'd have to RE-create the graphic in a larger size, rather than increase the size of the smaller version for it to be as clear as you'll want it.

Also...the Blinking. Whole paragraphs are blinking and that is VERY difficult to read. And again, this is my own opinion, but Blinking is best for that "Emphasized" word you want people to look at...like "FREE" or "WARNING". Too much of it makes people get a little wacky if you know what I mean.

Also...It's a great Logo, the animated "Bud Uglly" , and a very original name. Why not create a "Home" page with just that animated logo on it. It automatically grabs someone's attention, and they WILL click to enter into your next pages. Which could be your Menu pages..."Portfolio", "Fonts", "Effects"...etc.... the point is that everything is scattered even though all you have to do is scroll down. Keep in mind, people's eyes get tired, and so does their attention, so the more the different backgrounds you use for each topic the better.

Think of it this way, if the "Web" was a TV (and it now is) and people had remote controls, would they sit and watch everything you have to offer? Or would they blow right passed your site and move on. You have to keep their attention with excitement. Having to scroll down on the same background won't keep anyone's attention even if there are blinking words, there are WAY too many designers out there they can run accross, and you have to be the best, and most creative.

Good luck.

now that's fu#@ing funny.. I mean what the hell was she thinking..
Just thought you'd like to know, digger

I may half spooted a possibl spellng eroor on you Fax Page. Where you say "frewquently" axt kestions, I beeleive it spose to be: "Phewquently" But thankhs any way for your'e interest. I am goin send em ail to everybody at budUggly to get a job for writing new material's to aid on a constnt basi's for your homepage I am an profesionnal writer with more than 17 year of expireience in hillarious diction and bon mot's.IF yyou ever need snapy marketing copy that zing's, just let me no.Because I woodwork very inxpensivelly due to haveing a day job. Plesae contac me at you're yeariliest convieneint. This is NOT a JOKE! I mean bidness. also offer askii art talnet: :D ••• ¢ ///\\\ <--- {@} +*± Your will be gettin in touch with me asplap.
Susan Parker

i licke your web paig varie much1

Very nice page! Maybe you could make the background worse? I often get irritated because it´s so hard to read the text against an ugly background pattern. That´s the only experience I did not have while reading your page. - Keep up the bad work!

Hey, fellows,
I loved your page from 6 months ago, but you've really gone over the line this time. The overload detracts from the humor -- it becomes more obnoxious than funny. Any chance the old page is still around somewhere? I have a friend who's planning a corporate web site and I wanted to direct her to you. ;-) BTW, I *do* enjoy the new pop-up window and the music. :)
A devoted fan and advocate,

Dear Berry Uglly, VP Marketoing, Etc.,
All I gotta say about Bud Uglly Designs is, you gotta have a spell checker what's nearly burnt out from tryin to unnderstan yer stuff. Y'all still might lack to see the video of Billyjeff n Hillarybob's firs date at Yale Law School. It's on the "Dunfergot" page of ma Website. Go to the bottom. Click the prior columns button at the bottom twice, er is it thrice? Y'all'll know it whenya see it.

Cong Billybob
Pee Ess: Where y'all done be located? Wanna come to the Blue Ridge Mountains, n shoot poll n suck down suds at the 441 Junction? They're yer kinda people in that joint. Jes be careful not to let enny ov em find out you graduated high school, if'n you did graduate high school.

Hi Billybob, I hop you are enjoying your new year. I was at te Bluridge mountains once and if I go again I will be sure to look up you! I did hit one of the mowntains with my van one time. I am in chacago illinoise.

Don't fall out of a window or anythink!

PS. Maybe you could get a twangchecker yousilf.

Bud, Berry, etc.,
Been a fan of your web design site since the late 80s. It's an inspiration! I've attached a QuickTime VR panoramic scene (bath.mov, 88k) that I created with the Bud Uglly aesthetic in mind (get the QTVR plug-ins at http://quicktime.apple.com/sw/). Feel free to use it on your site. I'd be honored! I made it with my low-res QuickCam in my bathroom; it involves a naked guy, a dog, and a Zip disk.
Mike Wooldridge

My 10,000 lawyers say you better quit spoofing my Internot Explorer or we'll fly over you and drop large bags of coins on you and crush you. Exscept for that part about "best viewed with Internot" on the Netscrappy page--he says that can stay.

What would you like to see in the future at Bud Uglly Design?

Umbrellas. Lots of umbrellas. And nothing about Iowa.

with the advent of Fish TV on cable and Web TV on the web and tv, maybe you could have a live video shot of a sea monkey tank. that is all
Sue Paluh

Hi there. I think that you need to put some more stuff in here. You don't have any Netscape Plug-ins yet. Come on get with it!!!!

more titz
- Nobody -

frogs riding jet skies
- bob -

muvvies wich it knew>eye do'nt lik wrewruns O>K>?
Nameboard E-Mailnun ov ure biznest

I lik guinea pigs. Their cute & and they maek this weird sound. "Wheet wheet wheet wheet wheet wheet!!" Oh, you wat coments on your pag. I'ts reel god. I like it alot. But not asmuch as guinea pigs.
Joe Piekarski

How bout an animated piture of van goghs starry nite? I think even a masterpiece such as this could be improved with a good animated meteor shower or UFO's.

a thesaurus

Optimize for mosaic
- Nobody -

my favorite animal, the tupperware seal
- Nobody -

Fix your bungeee jump my head hurts

How about a page of tips for those who can't afford your excellent services and would like to create their own pages.

There is no underlined text. You knot the ones that look like links but in fact are not, this is a most Bud Ugly design fearure

kool womin

I would like to see more colors, and more neet, kool, grafiks.
- Nobody -

garish cartoon animals

nothing ever again, you're wasting my time
- Nobody -

want nekkid gurlz to beat meet to becos nekead gurlz ar rad and kewl. need linkx that tak me too naekeid gurlz faic shots and nakedd onez. an alzo gunz too. pagez wth gunz that shoot and gif also thqt shuit boolets that loook kewl an rad. hbut most want naekid gurlz.

Crap. More crap.
- Simpleton -

I would like to see a siteMap.And wabTV Giude.
Your friens, susan parker

What about a Bud Ug;;y Spelling bee Page or contest? Find your favorites and post them. I think we could trust you to juje them!
- Megan A. -

I wood lick to seee tekst in this box, and it ise.
- whatsevmail@huh -

Correct spellig of something.
- Nobody -

someone to father my child

Still, without frames, the real rock bottom in tastelessnes remain to be acheived. A page where you get stuck in some frame somewhere and can't find out is still missing for Bud Ugly. Please do not rest on your disgusting laurels, there's still lower levels of revolting bad taste out there.
Jens Hultman

eye wood lik 2 c some nyce pitchures of fluffi aminals! body parts that you are not quite sure about ...
- F Millard -

I think you should have a monitor-washing service... it would clean the INSIDE surface of the monitor for an even better view "into" the "web"...
- rlyf -

i would really like to sea more annomation and colours in this site. it could uze some sound that would require me to spend five hours tring to download and thenm still not work. in its present state this site is pretty kool and has alot of action...it just needs soome toons.
aj picouski

More flashing text and crashing Java applets
- Nobody -

Tips on the human factors and ergonomics of Web Page d'zine.
- Tony -

I think you shold add a flashing text box about 12 paragraphs long in 8 pt. type. Oh, yeah, don't forget to put it on a backgropund that is the same color as the type. I also think you need some graphics that take 5 minutes to load, and then rotate in a really jerky motion. That's cool.
- gatorboy -

I would like to sea something that tells people how to do that little window thingy. Thankyou Screwball
You can find out more abourt the window thingyHERE

could you put a miniature schematic of a sample webpage in this space? a new one each week?
- Gerg Wendaldahl -

I would like to see some trippy phsycodelic fat ass kind nuggets or some massive crops all decked out in one crazy mural
- ryan micheal -

1. Make theme music (Fur Eleese, isn't it?) more catchy. Maybe add a base, sax, and accordian. 2. Give some examples of bad wibpage design. 3. Make sure the speling and grammar is correct.
- Nobody -

more women, bud ugly women.
- Nobody -

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