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It's been a few weeks since I've been to the bud uglly site, and you made me laugh out loud again. Shame on you! for ruthlessly exposing the pretensions and foibles of BAAAAAD designers. ("Click on the fish!" has become a standard joke among my colleagues at work.) I can't believe the number of people who **STILL** write "click here" -- AAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! With all the styles guides so readily available all advising how (*stoopid*) it is. Arrggh! again. Love your stuff. Keep it up. Nice changes since I was last out!

- Tiimothy David Whelan -

Dude, You are wacked.

- Brian Williford -
Junior Spaceship Mechanic

Beautiful! I love it! And my god, how do you people get the time to do all this material?

P.S.--To all those talking about spelling errors; look at the rest of the page. Of course it's intentional, you doofs.

- Ice Nine -

Is there any way you could sell this stuff at gas stations? I read your page for only three or four minutes and my headache is GONE!

- Visual Echo -

I love your pages. They are what makes the innernet great. I think you forgot to included one of your clients in the list. I found it here. Any more animated icons and I think her wub page woud explode. And she's wun awards, to!

- Craig -

Sorry, I was looking for some beautiful pictures of africa, for my friend. You see, we all call her African woman, because she has this thing about her, that means we can see her leading an unspoilt african tribe around the place, even though she has red hair and white skin. Tee, hee. Oh well nothing here. Bye for now.

- Nobody -

hey. this aint no fear. Hoew amn iI gunna ever gets to see all off ur peges if U kept aedding knew ones. I don't thin you had a cupoort team page last time i twes here and if youu ded, I dednot see it so it is knew and no far. stop maken pages so I cun see them all, alright. This is the 3red time here for me and I giot to write to you every time cause its now a habbit and you guys us dcrazy allmest like me, but I'm not adding pages ad such a fast rate thet you can't ketchup with my werk, so don't. i like the purpel. it goes real good with the derk blew leterin'

Have a Great Day.
- Brent (Electech) -
- Fight the GOOD Fight!

I like your site a lot, but perhaps you could clear up some confusion.

Do I click on the fish, or not?

- Janine -

HowHow dodo youyou turnturn locallocal echoecho offoff??

- Sheattle'sSheattle's WebWeb PagePage -

Thanks yu for a fun sight! I laffed until water excited my eyez and I coffed up flem. Keep up the gud werk. My boyfrind likd it to: (butt he sais that I spilt "laffed" wrong. It shud be "laphed." Sorry.]

- bonie -

Absolutely delicious! This is possibly the most frighteningly bad site I've seen in a looong time! It takes a lot of effort to make something THIS bad. I showed this to everyone at the office (a little web design company, of course) and we have decided to outsource some of our work to you guys hehe :-)

- Lauren Kirby -

I'd love to comment, but I just dropped my nosering down the drain and I must go fetch it...

- Megadee -

You think you're so hot, but haven't you seen all the really cool sites that allow entry only after a few vibrating multi-colored flashes? I must admit that the "you MUST listen" MIDI was a nice touch.

- John Bredehoft -

I would liket o offer my sevirces as a fully qualiffied typist to your company. I have the folllowwing qaliifikations :

A fully integratted set of ten typing tools attached to my arms.

Blonde hair

I always hav a bottle of redd nail varnish to cope with emergencies in an office environment.

I am fuully trained in alphabet resource managment skills and speek 3 laungwidges fluently.

If you wqould consider me for the positon I feel I would be an asset to the company. I have many assets myself,,,,(Two of them actually.)

Yours sincerely,
- J. Chudy -

Not to be entirely rude, but the concept is called "grammar" and "spell check". Take a class, or locate the spell check button on your editor. Your home site is an insult to true web developers.

-Angela Kelley-

Visited your site after it was suggested in a HTML Writers Guild discussion. I am impressed with the technical details that you have installed. It almost defies description. And best of all, it loads quickly.

Thanks. I'll be back, and bring friends. PS I'd like one of the BADI DEA vehicles for my commute...

-The Mad Monk-

I enjoy your site so much I heartily recommend it to anyone in sight. You have a excellent parody of BAD web document design and POOR html coding. But -- and I am being serious here -- you spoil the effect with too much misspelling. Tone that down to believable typoes, together with normal spelling and grammatical ignorance, and you'll have PLENTY of material. Maybe some won't recognize it, but you have that kind of subtlety anyway.

Where do you get the TIME to put into this stuff, anyway? I couldn't believe the amount of material when I first came across your site. Please: continue! hold up to ridicule the assinine, the ignorant, the stupid things people do! They probably won't get the point or change their evil ways but at least some of us can get some measure of humor from it.

-Tiimothy David Whelan-

Could Bud "serf" the "wab" in search of Bud Ugly sites for his approval. One of the things Bud seems to have missed is the use of "awords" in promoting one's site. We are sure that many sites DESERVE, nay!, would CRAVE the Bud UGLLY "seel ov aproovul"...

-Glenn Marcus-

Your page is brilliant! I love it. After visiting the bud ugly page, I have decided that I definitely WILL go back to grad school.

keep up the good work,

Why did you make those pages? Seriously...are they to teach people about bad web page designing or just as a big joke?

-Michael Bungo-

How 'bout some of those tasteful moving lines ... like the cute lil car travelling accross the page .... or perhaps a photographic image that loads at around 6 pixels per inch .... or a link that says "go to top" but actually takes you to a Christian Chat room ... aw, hell ... on second thought .... you're doing all too well on your own. Hope that cataract surgery didn't take.


good morning webmangler, it's very refreshing to see your site. There are far too many slick sites around. Time for a revival of the first generation web site. I noticed that your pages were fairly quick to load. Perhaps in the improved version you could make them take longer.

Crystal , creator of Crystal's Cave

Thanks, for a good laugh. I loved the bungee jump. Haven't laughed so hard in ages.


Couldn't you serve us...mhh... probably a few *real* cookies????!!! I prefer chockolade, bi the way (HUNT!!!!! HINT!!!!) : )

Warm greetings,

I love it. Pure genius. I haven't laughed so hard in a long time. I have some clients who may be interested in your work....

-Don Chisholm-
Member of the HTML Writers Guild
WebRite Canada

Dear Sir/Madam Bud Uggly,
This isn't a real web site, is it? I don't see any "under construction" signs anywhere. How come you don't not have a black background on every page? A black background is very popular and matches the cursor.


Your web page seems very creative but I cannot imagine enlisting your services considering the NUMEROUS spelling errors I encountered in your page. They couldn't have possibly been intentional because they only cast a very negative light on your business.


Absolootly hilliareus i laft til i peed my plants!

-Kerry V. Herring-

God I love it. But my poor multi processor 20,000Mhz Daystar is still huffin and puffin after the epic download. Keep up the GOOD work.

-Al Tenuta -
Interstate Label Co.

Guys--your web page is so full of typing errors! It looks totally unprofessional of you to have it so. Good luck fixing the errors!


I am tryin' to make cents of all this things, but kant figer it out yet. Went to kollege at Texas Tech Universe but dident take a coarse is loggical stuff. It wood seam to me a lot of persons have litle to saa bout lotts of nothin...Let mee know whot Im soepost to be looken fer. Thanks, i gues

-Lazy Rider-

Made my day! Now I have a page to show my clients when they complain about something that isn't just quite right. Like yellow not being "sunshine" colored enough or something.


I wood love too wurk far you! Mabbie I cood change mi sigte to look lik yo'urs? Tehn we could say theat I was won of y'our clienst!

The Funnie Boned.. a tiney diveson of the budd ugally desgin compeny your sit is the onnly one Iv'e ever actuaely laufed out loud at. No kidden.


I just wnat to say, ouy rOCK!! Yo'ure site has changed my outlood on lige on the webn. Will yuio be my friend? I like butter and playiung with Springs. I aslo lustin tho the MElviNS atlot yUo fhould too.


FIRE, (I mean)...HIRE ME!
Hey Bud Uglly folks. My name is Clay, and you'd think by now I'd smarten up. I've got an Art Diploma. I've got a diploma in Computer Graphics Imagery. I 2D and 3D animate. I create interactive pieces in Director, and poke my finger in the realm of html-ing web schtuff...You'd think a pish-posh guy like me would be out at dinner parties with Canada's finest in the graphics industry...but instead, INSTEAD, I SIT AT HOME ALL EVENING WITH MY FINGER UP MY NOSE, BROWSING FOR HOURS ON THE BUD UGLLY PAGE! (and it's ever-so-adjacent links...)

Heck, and my E-mail messages are always too long. Verbosity and insanity go together like peanut butter and polsky orgisky garlic pickles. Anyways, to make a long story short...this thing said you were hiring...or firing...whatever. And here I am, all interested and stuff (have been wondering how to contact you guys for months) and...I'm still not sure if this is a serious inquiry link...or at least semi serious, but; what have I got to loose, I figure. So if you are, hey...why not E-mail me at cewilcho@hotmail.com and I'll send you some attachment pieces of work as soon as I can get my zip drive. (NOoooo......they're not 900000000000000000x78099809999900000 inch gifs...they're just trapped on zip disk.

Just in case this is a joke, I better quit writing so I don't look like too much of an idiot. Keep up the good work.

-The Wilchowy's-

What can I say? The next time I haven't got none ideas about what to put on my nonexistant webpage, I'll be sure to call the folks at Bud Uglly.

PS: Were any of you born in Cleveland?


Just wanted you to know that I truly loved your site! I'm trying to look at my own site now through Bud Uglly's eyes. Luckily, nothing I've created has EVER been that bad, but it is amazing to see the huge amount of truly "bud uglly" sites there are out there!

Thanks for the good laugh!

Thanks a lot for your online photo booth (Please don't confuse my sarcasam with a legitimate compliment) I thought I could save a few bucks on film devloping But Nooooo, all I ended up with was a sprained index finger from frantic clicking of my browser's back button. I would continue to babble endlessly but I am in serious pain in my "hunt and peck" keyboard strategy (Damn, I wish I learned how to touch type.) Expect a call from my lawyer! What do you have to say to that, Onionhead?

-Erva Mclambton-
East Armpit NJ

Greatest page on earth. I learned all real important from you. Thanks a lot. I laugh and love your intelligence.

from Bad Segeberg (germany)

Wolf Wonder First Art

What would you like to see in the future at Bud Uglly Design?

You need far more green things. Blue things are ok, but I can't seem to get enough green things. and cheese. I can't get enough cheese either. and while we're on the subject, I would really enjoy scaling a wall. not always, just once in a while, though the bread would probably get damp. In addition, there are too many sparkly things. they make my eyes hurt. and the mustangs? what the hell kind of name is that? but is there some sort of hidden(extra) charge? and, if so, what of the thumbtacks? huh? what will they do? the 'little people' are always forgotten. what if 'they' tell you something? what is this...thing? or, if you prefer, the large one; the one with the feather things on the side (but with the toothbrush-looking things next to it). But definitely more green things.
668-The Neighbor of the Beast


more greens and browns and less purples unless you use the derk blew letterin then its ok i am almost caught up with ur peges so you can make more if u went to. i give the gooh a heed. thanx. ( only tuk me thre visits)

A Bud Uglly Web Tracker that proudly displays these facts to those fortunate enough to hit on one of your pages: I know you you are, who you were, where you were, where you are going, and how many times you have had sex in the last 6 months.

An interactive java chat client

does this work?
Brigitte Kaltenbacher

A spell checker

About the only thing you are missing is when all those jabba skrips get to kicking each other around and your system crashes!! OH....... and you missed the REALLY REALLY REALLY LARGE GIF file of something useless! Keep up the good work!!
Jay Paulovicks

One suggestion? The spelling errors are a bit overdone.
A fan

How 'bout some ANIMATED lines .. the kind that make you go cross-eyed so you can't read the text?

a spell checker

Kath Watkins

I'd like to see better use of color. This page is great, but it looks a little pale.


better design!

How to stick your finger up your nose without making it bleed too much when it itches.

how about a jpeg using a really far out palette that looks like a psychodelic black velvet painting when you show it in a browser?

Stink-a-lot for pointing out the new wai in coomputing and bew page dezin. Expensive use of Jaba and mulchimidea brings yout sit to the top of the buttom.
Alex - The epicenter of nowhere.

You to go away and learn how to do things right.
Ryan Melvin

More horses. Keep bringin' on those horse, 'cause I just love 'em. Oh, yes.
Leonard Nimoy

Some more small blue crunchy things would be welcome. Oh, and pastry - definitely needs more pastry.


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