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Hello Buduglly,
Grogg enjoy look of Bugudly page! Grogg come by to tell Bugglyy that Grogg decide temporarily retire Honorary Neanderthal award because Grogg just too busy now keep up look out for way excellent pages! So, in Grogg Neanderthal mind, Buddlugyl retire undefeated, top of hill, a-1 Honorary Neanderthal! Grogg keep getting lots of requests for award and none meet fine standards set by Bugdly! So, when Grogg life even out, Grogg plan reopen Honorary Neanderthal page and begin again to search for page meeting high standards set by Budugglly! Grogg hope Buddgluu not crushed.

Keep up good work!

Wow, is that one Bud-Ugly website!

Tracy R. Smith
Customer Relations, Technical Support Manager

Hey. This sucks. You have become so good at web design, you don't know how to make a bad site. Ah. I'll teach you how to do a bad web site. I am the kick of sucky web sites.

Scott Talkov
Walnut World


Grover Woody

This is extremely funny.
When the arrow started pointing on the navigator page, I cracked up completely. There's some damn plugin I don't have that has kept me from seeing some of your horrorshow, but I got belly laughs out of it. Your hit rate is gonna go crazy soon I'm sure. After all these weeks and months of serious how to do it better talk, this was just great.

Who the hell are you?


You guys are truly gifted, but your choice of background colours are a bit tame. If I had the money, I'd definitely let you design my page.

... Truly enjoyed your site,

Stan Charbonneau
Printing Services, Concordia University

Dear Mr. Budduglie,
I was also wondering if a homebound designer I know, A.Lotta Phat, could be considered for a position with your staff as well. I'm sure Lotta could fit in nicely somewhere. She must have a resume around that she could send in.You should see the cheeze whiz sculptures she makes.

Also, I LOVE the photos on the site.Short of the server at zd going down (and allowing me to spend the rest of the day working at home) it really made my day.

My son has designed a special chearleading cheer for your site that I wanted to share with you. "U-L-G-Y, you ain't got no ah -la bye. That's right, you're ugly.That's right." He says you can go ahead and use it for free if you want to.

Gail Henry
Diwector of Photography
Yahoo Internet Life Magazine

This must be the unmentioned Eighth Sign announcing the end. It's great!

- James Taylor -

And I thought it was just me...
It's nice to know there are others out there who notice that "web page design," for many on the net, is an oxymoron. I am one of those annoying individuals who find typos wherever I go. Menus, newspapers, books and magazines -- nothing seems to be free of typos and awkward wordings. It drives me nuts, but it drives the people around me even more nuts. Anyway, I enjoyed your Bud Ugly site, as it gave me a sort of validation in my continuous rant.

Seeing as you and I seem to view things similarly, and if you happen to have a second or two, I would be really interested in knowing what sites you have come across that you think are not so ugly. In that I mean, good sites that are easy on the eyes, reflect the corporate culture of the subject and effectively present the company's message. In my line of work, I am often asked by clients for some input on what to consider when creating a web page. I would really like to be able to show them some winners before they go too far down route suckity sucks on the information highway.

- E. Galbraith -

This page is highly technical

- your dad -

We here at D3 are huge fans of the internationally-renowned Bud Uggly Design firm. Being web designers ourselves we aspire to the high quality that Bud Uggly web pages have set the standards for. We use only the finest quality software when designing our pages, our favorite being NutObjects ConFusion. We've found that it's lack of sophisticated control of all aspects of web page design highly satisfies our stifling needs. We like to be stifled here at D3. We especially like the feature that renders your whole .nod file corrupt when you have to re-start because of the many, many, special things that NutObjects ConFusion does to your computer while using it. Because as much as we like to design webpages here at D3, there's nothing quite as special as having to do them twice. How would we rate NutObjects ConFusion? We give it better than two thumbs up, we give it both barrels.

<   q   q  >
   \    u    /
  ||           ||
_||__   __||_
\ | |  |/  \ | |  |/
 |    |     |    |

- Jeff Swartz -

We at IBM have been reviewing our position as the grandfathers of IT, and have recognised the need to become involved with some of the youngsters. After all, as the popular singer Whitney Houston said, "The children are the future". In accordance with our policy, we have acquired Lotus and substantial shares in NetObjects in the past few years, as well as forming a strategic alliance with Sun.

However, we have not done anything really funny yet, and since we recognise a certain frivolity in the emerging generation, we know that humour will be a key to our survival in the next millenium. That is why we believe that part of our strategy should be to buy shares in your Java Ball. We should like to offer you $17,000,000 and a development partnership, details of which may be discussed at a face-to-face meeting.

- IBM Management -

i would like a web page, how much can 43 cents and a stick of bubblegum buy??

- McPhisto25 -

Dear Sirs, RE: AWARD APPLICATION Further to our application to receive your prestigious "Bud Uglly" award, we are pleased to enclose the doughnuts required for processing of our application. May we say that we were extremely impressed by the very high standard displayed throughout your site, particularly the easy navigation, correct spelling and attention to detail. We recognise that since you are a leader in your field, nothing but the best will do - so we have selected Grease-O brand doughnuts for your delectation. Yours humbly, Alex Dillon http://www.carbonplaces.com PS Haven't laughed so much in... well, days. <g>

- Alex Dillon -


- zxcv -

Hi there..
Checked out your web from a post that came via the CDUG list. Really zooty...!! :) just a friendly comment though for your start up page...a few spelling errors, ("Conmpany" "Edbge" "Markut" and a few others....and there is some code displaying there to do with your Font size. Probably a tag not closed.) and it'd an idea to change your page title to something other than "Insert Title Page here"...

Happy New Year!
- E. Kornau Artwise Designs -

I wunt ta no ow much i ts gunna cost

- Kym -

Just a suggestion; I'd like to see the text bleed into the marble sidebars a little. I just like that kind of challenge.

- Barbara Rush -

Lern howe too spelll. Itt wil mayk yoo look mor perfeshenull.

- joe -

Should I apologise fr my English & my speling? I guess no. Visiting your site was a greit relief.

- acido -

MAKE MONEY ON THE WAB TODAY! It is easay; just post a message everywhere you can find and tell peple that if they semd you $5 you can tell them how to make money on tne WAB! If you read this send &5 to me and I will tell you the scret to MAKE MONEY ON THE WAB TODAY!

- mIKE -

your site is without peer.

I am currently working on a site for a band that is called the I.V. League. The I.V. League is the world's best mind control band. The first CD will be released (hopefully) by March, 1998. The site will need your help but I don't know if I or Mr. Plooney can afford you.

HEre is the current URL (which will change soon, no doubt): http://w3.one.net/~apparel/tz5homepage/league.htm

Have you published a price list for your work?


- Neal -

doo yue ralie expecct mi tow pa y 6.5$ fore yoo too mkae m e uh wet paje wen eye kood maik wun mieslf?

- Jeff -

right on man, totally true, totally.

- Daniel -

Oh Bud Uglly is 2 Much..........there is SOOOOOO much baaaad design out there......if you'd care to lok at my site and make uglly reccomendations...i'd welcome them.......

- christopher barrett -

Hey! I LOVE the Budd Ugly site!!! It's really great. The one thing I think is missing is a "link to us" button. I'd love to put one on my web page. How about a "this page NOT approved by" or "this site NOT designed by" (Budd Ugly)?

Thanks for a great site.
- Daniel A. Nichols -


- moo -

Dear Bud,
Is Berry married? I think it's great the way you can really feel close to someone through he internet. I think the way he used the word "antelope" in the critique of the Donkey button was what clinched it for me.

This is a genuine message.

I am 33, blond, blue eyes and not bad looking. I am English though. Please, if Berry has not already been snapped up by someone else, get him to mail me.

He may think the clutural gapp woudl be too wide but I think true love can conquer all. I also know a thing or two about US culture as I often eat QuarterPounders with cheese (large fries, diet coke). I also watch Frasier and Murder One so I think I would cope well psychologically if I was ever arrested while me and Berry were on a date. I hate Ellen, Friends and the Cosby Show.

Please give this your serious consideration.

PS - Would you be interested in starting up a British page? I can offer my services as expert in cutting edge European design - I get all my furniture from Ikea and everything.

PPS - Honestly I mean it

- Mary -

My ass hurts!

- Poof -

Your Web site REALLY is ugly. Go back to the drawing board Bud!

- Nobody -

Bad really bad - I love it!

- Udo from Germany -

Dear Mr. Uggly,
I love your spoof of web page design firms. Let's go into business together and make the "Saturday Night Live" of the web. Hell, let's spoof SNL!!!

Well, if we were to spoof them, we'd have to be not funny of course. Any stuff that was accidentally funny would have to be an inside joke, so others wouldn't get it. If we wanted to do a funny spoof, we'd probably have to go with MadTV or something.

- Hans Anderson -

Oh help us..
Bud Uglly looks real good at 2 AM.... Grate Job... Thanks for the laff....

- Pete -

I still cannot, and I refuse to, stop laughing at the antics carried out at your website.

I will say that once I stood on my head and talked like a hic, most of your misspellings were correct phonetically!

Brilliant work, guys.
- Clifford Anderson -

To be so sick and have such esteem. You should have been a leader of some tribe durring the crusades!!

Truly a work of art.

However. you should expect the CIA will be recruiting you for a new plan for the Presidency.

- wjg -

yuu shood ceep acting like yur serriuousus, and ask peepl to check fer speling erorrs thin put all ther names up on a paje so the rist of uss can make funn of thim.

The 1st time I saw this page, I laughed so hard I couldn't breathe. The second time, I laughed so hard I had tears in my eyes. It's still so funny that sometimes I can't talk when I'm just describing it to someone else.

- Dwight -

I would like to join the Bud Uggly Company team. I'm eager and motivated, but unfortuneately I know how to spell and have an education? Can I still be considered? If it's any help, my technical computing skills are nonexistent.

- Clarence -

Your spelling sucks!!

- Nobody -

Great page..Love it!!

- bess -

What would you like to see in the future at Bud Uglly Design?

naked houses

Bike ride through "Hanson" Hell
Kathy Argo

i would like to sea a nice easter wibpage - lots of bunnies !!!!!!!!!!
ralf josten

fritos and kool aid

nothing, it's PERFECT!! Well, maybe some dancing pigs?

Hand/eye coordination testing service. Technical help for household items.


A very ugly design.
Courtney Rookard

ur uggly budd



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