What would you like to see in the future at Bud Uglly?

I wish that you could show some better taste when matching colours. Cyan text on a white background is always right. Let the colours flow - puce-green, mustardgas-yellow, phlegm-pink. If you donīt have a colourpalette to consult - blow your nose and study the results for new ideas. Love the site...
Jan Hjelm

something brown, so that you cant see the text, and some wrongspelling, and a lot more text.

some more blinking stuff!!! :)
Joan short

mor pitchers

Grate cite! Loooks liek purple wallpepper diped in tie-die. One problem: you're cite lodes to fast too bee relly bad.

Eye really enjoyed y+whore site. Being a creative type, I found it to be very inspirational! Wondered if a music could consist of some of my favorite artists:
Don Ho
Slim Whitman (you know he sold more records than the Beatles)
Boxcar Willy
Anything from Tammy Faye Bakker
Vanilli from Milli Vanilli (has he stopped hittin' the crack pipe?)
Thanks for the many smiles and chuckles! (free of charge I hope)
Gwendolyn Gill

better spelling

put more starng pictires

sCramBLed EGGs,buT THEy wuxz relllllly scry, so rRun!!
I can't remember....

How do I order Netscrappy?

Mor Bud prefferubly green and goooey. neet sight
Forgot it

have more picture ratins

You might want to consider popping for a spell checker? Just a thought.

Check out your page and read the part where it says the following:
"no frills web page that will be<FONT size="7" the envy of " Probably needs a > sign after the font size="7" like this
<FONT size="7"> Found this too! "These handy buttons are part of the new Bud-Nav© system and will make getting around our site as easy as plossible." The spelling on the word possible in this statement.
Michael W. Bird

My ass hurts, too--that's got to be some kind of compliment--