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HOW BUD UGLLY SITES ARE SELECTED: Sites are selectid to recieve the Bud Uglly site of the day by Bud visiting the webpage and than puting a limk to it on the Bud Uglly Site of the Day Page.

HOW TOO INSURE YOU CAN WIN THE AWARD: If you would like to be sure your webpage wins the Bud Uglly Site of the Day Award you could take care of some porking tickets that Head Designer Berry has. Or Fed-Exing a dozen dounuts to the firm would be good. Also Cheez Wiz is always appreciated.

THE PRESTIGOUS BUD UGLLY AWARD: Bud Uglly awards are not just given out at random to any site that happens along. The winners website must contain webpages, and some text as well as a URL so people can find it. If your site wins the Bud Uglly award you cane be proud because only a select few will be selectid and the Bud Uglly Site of the day has a picture of a fish.

IF YOU HAVE ONE the Bud Uglly Site Of the Day award you can post this picture on your page to let your feinds and aquwaintinces now that you have an award winning webpage.

THE AWARD (shown below)
Binner! <---This is the offical Bud Uglly webpage design award.

Binner!<--- Alternat award if you prefer a smaller one.

HOW TO CLICK ON THE LINKS: To view sites in the Bud Uglly Site of the Day archive simply bring you mouse pointer, not actually something for pointing at a mouse, butt rather the little arrow on your monitor, near a link and click firmly one time.

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