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Bud Scanned this softy toy in his flatbed sacnner.

HOW BUD UGLLY SITES ARE SELECTED: Sites are selectid to recieve the Bud Uglly site of the day by Bud visiting the webpage and than puting a limk to it on the Bud Uglly Site of the Day Page.

HOW TO AVIOD BECOMING THE BUD UGLLY SITE OF THE DAY: If your page is a corporate webpage you have a better chance of being selectid than if your site is a homepage. If your site is an educational website you have a better chance of being selected than if you page is a humor site. If your page is about sea monkeys or about one of the stars of Beverly Hilss 90215 or about Macaullay Cluckin you will probably be eventually selected. If you site has any articles it is not eligable to win, however if the articles are about Fran Dresheler, Tori Spelling or Tiae Lioni you have a 50 50 chance of being selected anyway. If you post the award fish you have a better chance of being selected, however in most cases you should not post the fish unless your site has won the award.

THE PRESTIGOUS BUD UGLLY AWARD: Bud Uglly awards are not just given out at random to any site that happens along. The winners website must contain webpages, and some text as well as a URL so people can find it. If your site wins the Bud Uglly award you cane be proud because only a select few will be selectid and the Bud Uglly Site of the day has a picture of a fish.

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