Our guide to hot sites: Weekend Edition, Aug. 14-16, 1998.
New sites every weekday, with an expanded weekend edition.

Internet Bungee Jump
Crrrraaaaazy Joe's Internet Bungee Jump is, well, crazy. But whatever you do, please refrain from touching the bird. (You'll find out what that means when you get there.) http://www.wwwvoice.com/bud/crazyjoe.html
Zanny Opinions
Nothing wrong with a little zaniness. If it's done right. Like at the Voice Your Opinions site. http://www.wwwvoice.com/
Tech Test
You've been surfing the Web for more than a few nanoseconds now and think you're pretty savvy. Find out just how savvy at the Web I.Q. Test. Two versions: One for folks with "low brain width" and another for those of us with "high brain width." Run by two dudes named Spanky and Sparky. http://www.wwwvoice.com/iqintro.html

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