An In-Depth Look at The Band's History

Debut Album
Please Please Me Definitely Maybe, 1963
Rock N Ringo Starr
Shake N Baker
Strawberry Live Forever
Up In The Lucy In The Sky
Hold That Thing Down
Cigarettes & Whipped Cream
Yoko's Dinner
Run Away, Run Away
McCartney With Children

"We looked at the first Beatles album cover and we just said wow!" Noel indicated about the inspiration for the floating head Oasis album cover design.

The Bands first album was not a critical success, however it did sell well over 47 copies and went on to win the Rolling Stone 1963 "Best New Band That We're All Ignoring" award.

A fairly murky period of squabbling and cockiness followed, during which Noel and Ringo traded in their instruments and opened a quicky mart. It was called "NoGo" and went bankrupt one hour after it opened. Liam spent the next three years trying to find a guitar pick he dropped.

1963 MAY Liam gets an eyebrow transplant.
1963 JUNE Paul calls Ringo a jerk.
1966 SEPTEMBER Noel finds the pick.
1966 OCTOBER Band finally begins new album.

Second Album
Morning Glory Road, 1967
Hello, Hello, Goodbye, Hello
Roll With Butter
Welderwall (Also appeared on the album Rewelder)
Don't Throw Back That Anchor
Hey, Jude, Now!
Some Might Say We're A Lot Like The Beatles
I Want To Hold Your Hand
She's Epileptic
Morning Groping
Walrus Supernova

(3.2 sec.)

Don't Throw Back That Anchor
(4.7 sec.)

During the recording sessions for Morning Glory Road Paul and Liam snuck up on Noel and gave him a wedgie.

The Bands second album was not a critical success either. Snapple Records immediately dumped the band in favor of the Whistling Aardvarks and had the groups instruments bronzed so they couldn't play them anymore.

Another murky period of squabbling and cockiness followed, during which Bonehead and Noel got together and recorded a solo album titled, "We Hate Liam." The album sold 1 copy which is currently being used by Liam as a serving tray.

1968 JANUARY Liam gets a personality transplant.
1969 JUNE Noel buys a red pickup.
1971 JULY Alan composes the soundtrack for Porky's IV.
1971 DECEMBER The band ignores a court order and begins their next album.

Third Album
The Green Album (Subtitled: Buy This Now), 1972
D'You Know Why I'm Mean?
My Big Head
Magical Mystery Pie
I Saw Her Stand By Me
I Hop, I Stink, I Blow
The Girl In The Norwegian Woods
Twist And In-Out
Don't Go And Tell Everybody This Album Sucks
Buy This Now
All Around Penny Lane
It's Gettin' Better All The Time (Man!!)
All Around Penny Lane (Reprise)

"I drew my inspiration from the Mona Lisa and Van Gogh's Starry Night" says Noel about his 1972 design for the cover of Buy This Now.

The Bands third album was such an utter failure that Noel himself was quoted as saying "We should probably be ice-cream salesmen." Liam and Alan shacked up with an elderly couple from South Wales and have recently purchased a small fan. Bonehead is still at large.

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