Getting your new corporation "On-Line" can be a daunting task indeed, that's why the Bud Uglly Webpage Design Corporation has developed this handy new way to make your webpages in a snap! Simply follow the easy to use instructions below, and within minutes, you'll have a new website any corporation could be proud of.


If your browser supports javascript go Here. Otherwise, fear not! You can view each instant corporate webpage version in all its glory, however you will be unable to see your name, selected product or corporation name on the page. Also, no random words will be generated. We apologize for this inconvenience.


STANDARD: Quick no-frills webpage.

NUTTY: Show your clients you have a sense of humor.

CUTTING EDGE: Show clients how cool you are.

CORPORATE JAPANESE: (not actually in Japanese)

HONEST: Be original!

Hay! My browser works!


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