Someday, everyone will agree that what we say is cool on the net, is cool. In the meantime, the Netscrappy cool team will continue to bring you a list of sites that catch our eye, make us laugh, or are giving us loads o' money.
This list was last updated January 3, 1999.
Oh Yeah! Well we don't like you very much either.

Stoopid Pick
of the Week:
Dopey Opinion Corporation

Seven stars: If you've got absolutely nothing better to do, why not visit wwwVOice.

More Stoopider Sites:

Cool Site of the Day
The place that we stole this idea from.

Hot Sites
Pffft, another one.

Yahoo! Cool Sites Index
Oh sure, let someone else tell you what's cool. They're Profeeeeessionals.

BUD UGLLY DESIGN CORPORATION Visit these brain-dead folks who are paying extra to be at the top of this list.

BADI DEA AUTOMOTIVE CORPORATION I'm sure we all look forward to the day these guys accidentally delete their web pages.

CRAZY JOE'S INTERNET BUNGEE JUMP CORPORATION Why are you reading this? The name alone is descriptive enough for a three year old to figure out.

ALVINS MULTIMEDIA CORPORATION Visit our competitors site and see not only what total morons they are, see how they stole every idea we ever had and made it only a little better.

SPANKY STUFF CORPORATION There must be a very good reason for this page, I'll be damned if I can figure it out.

THE I HATE FRAMES CORPORATION Yeah, well I hate this site because it hates something, and I hate that.

GROGG, NEANDERTHAL ANSWER MAN CORPORATION Yes, here it is, just what everyone's been looking for. Advice from some guy that's as sharp as a bouncy ball. Cripes, who wouldn't want some interaction with a person that's just now taking their first steps on the evolutionary ladder. Knuckle draggin' fun here!

HOT SHEET CORPORATION Look here, If your not going to bother visiting any of these sites then just go away.

LADYBUG CORPORATION Now you're really starting to get me mad, this is the tenth link you've passed up. I know, I know, you probably have some doctors excuse or some other equally valid reason you can't make one simple decision and you firmly believe that justifies your incredible stupidity. Well you're wrong, you've been given every opportunity to blow out of this page and there you sit, reading link description after link description. If brains were uh... well, you'd have very little, yeah, very little, that's what you'd have.

Ohh.. now I'm so ticked off I forgot what the hell I was gonna say about this site.

OJALA SITE CORPORATION Since you seem totally incapable of making any kind of decision about where you want to go next then this is probably all you deserve.

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