Uranus Teenysystems

THE 1999 W e b P u t e r©
The future can sometimes be a scary place. That's where the Uranus Teenysystems Webputer© steps in. After over 20 hours of research and development, Uranus was able to create the ultimate in cutting edge computing technology. The Webputer© 2UCDB-O-ICDB, code named MT-Station, was born to shred the web. Speed is everything. You will find that the Webputer is not bogged down with outdated items like a hard drive or a CD-ROM or a keyboard or a floppy drive or a mouse or a monitor or too much memory or software or an operating system or a sound card or a motherboard. The Uranus Webputer© is chocked full o' exciting new features! Many of which have never even been considered for technical applications before!

A. Minimal electronic components, avoids the need for constant costly repairs.
B. Special green button that lights up.
C. Antenna.
D. Anti-Burn© toaster. (Toast not included)
E. Lightweight empty case design.
F. Secret Compartment
G. Nine light up buttons for your enjoyment.
H. Handy keypad replaces keyboard. Featuring a back and forward button, plus an on/off switch and light dimmer. Also features a seven inch cord, so you'll always know right where to find your Webputer© Commandpad©.
Features Not Shown: There are no additional features not shown in the picture to the right.

The Webputer 2UCDB-O-ICDB

When You're Ready To Upgrade To The
New Webputer©, Uranus Will Be Ready Too!
Uranus Teenysystems will guarantee that when you're ready to purchase your new Webputer©, there will be a large selection of them still sitting on the shelves at your local store. The Webputer© is not just another pretty face in the crowd, PC/MAC multimag says "Uranus is in the spotlight again" and Liar's Weekly says "We would like to see Uranus on every desktop". Here at Uranus quality is king. Two days before the final release of the Weputer©, our technicians were working day and night to make sure the darn thing worked! Now that's not the way just any old company does things. Putting a Uranus on your desk, will put your anus in the drivers seat!
Uranus Teenysystems Money Back Guarantee:
If for any reason you are dissatisfied with your new
Webputer© remember, Uranus is 100% behind you.

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Netscrappy 7.3
Uranus Teenysystems Corporation is not in any way affiliated with SUN microsystems or any of their companies therein. The Webputer is not in any way a real device that you can buy... uhh.. well if you really want one I suppose we could make you one, but you'd have to be totally flipped out. I mean jeepers, who in their right mind would buy, or for that matter manufacture, a computer that doesn't even have a stupid hard drive, let alone all the other stuff you need to run your software.

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