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11.1.96 Issue 12
Internet Underground
Featuring Bud Uglly Design in the Weird on the Web section. Inside Internet Underground magazine not only will you find listings of strange and unusual websites, like Bud Uglly, you'll also find deep poignant articles about culture, hazards, design and the future of the Web.
Internet Underground

4.1.97 Issue 4
Internet Magazine
Last Link Feature. Hard to believe but these guys actually called wwwVOice a smart aleck. The ZD Mag Megasite features a searchable index and many of the articles included in their magazine. An all around great site. Heck, at $3.99 a pop why bother buying the hardcopy?
ZD Internet Magazine

Netsurfer Digest Volume 02, Issue 22:
More Signal, Less Noise. The bad boys of Internet newsletters. Doling out weekly columns and site pointers, Netsurfer Digest is the one newsletter to subscribe to to keep informed. And I forced them to make this nifty animated gif for me.

Netguide Gold Site
Awarded to us back in the days when Fred Langa was in charge, I think they've since taken this away, but nobody told me so I'm keeping it. Netguide gave us an overall rating of 4 and actually called our "I Hate Frames Club" nasty.
NetGuide Gold Site

Dallas Morning News, Today Section:
A nice article by Todd Copilevitz say all sorts of nice things about us and generally making our heads so big our earings popped off. I have a framed copy of it on my wall so stop by if you wanna see it.
Dallas Morning News

Seattle Times, Internet and Technology Section:
The same article that appeared in the Dallas Morning News (see left) also reared it's ugly head in the Seattle Times, hopefully delivered to Bill Gates doorstep.
Seattle Times

USA Today, Hot Site
I wrote to the editor guy, Sam, to tell him he needed something in-between his "Hot Sites" and "Potholes" and next thing you know he gave me one of these flippy burning thingamajigs.
USA Hot Site Logo

WinMagWeb HotSpot
Holy cats! We've won two of these spiffy things from Fred, the slightly touched editor of Windows magazine, former editor of Byte Magazine and Popular Computing Magazine and all around really busy guy. One was for wwwVOice and one for Crazy Joe's Internet Bungee Jump.
 WinMagWeb HotSpot

WXFX Cool Site of the Week
"WXFX 95.1 The Fox" is one of Montgomery, Alabama's local radio stations. They've created a nifty little site featuring their station schedule, play list, request line, listeners' homepages and surprisingly enough, a link to our site.
FOX Radio

Humble and Fred Link of the Week
Toronto rock station, The Edge, was kind enough to feature wwwVOice, just moments before it became Ow!, as one of their links of the week. A special thanks to Dominius Mookpiloh for getting us this award.
The Edge

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