Awards Dodads
Ow! is proud to have won these fine awards without paying for most of them or anything!

More Prestigious Awards

Cool Site of the Day
Cool Site of the Day Won one of these do-dads. Cool Site of the Day is the oldest and most stale award on the web today!

AdZe's CSN
The AdZe site is more then just an award giver.AdZe Besides the Cosmic Site of the Night some of the unusual content that can be found at AdZe includes, Today's Stars, Star Bios and AdZe's Zine.

Cheeziest Website
Cheezy, that of course was our dream when we started Ow! two years ago and The House That Becks Built was right there to make sure we knew it.

Windows Magazine

Netsurfer Digest
The oldest ezine on the web, Netsurfer Digest, was kind enough to review the Ow! I.Q. Test in their weekly newsletter, saying; "We found ourselves at an unusual little site about penguins at one stage." High praise indeed, whatever it means.

Netsurfer Digest

Worthless Website o' the Month
Thanks to Carl Tsai sending them a letter, Spanky's Bounce-o-Matic has been awarded the coveted Worthless award from Windows magazine. Carl got a nice T-shirt and a mug and we got squat.

Windows Magazine

Yahoo! Internet Life Magazine
Bud Uglly Design was listed as a "Pretty Strange Site" in the April '98 issue of Yahoo! Internet Life Magazine. Billy Crystal was on the cover that month so the news wasn't all bad.

Yahoo Internet Life

Akira Award
It's not every day that one wins a big round blue and gold award you know.


Brian Kennedy was kind enough to mention Bud Uglly Design in the Netguide Now Newsletter. Citing that it contained "The least user-friendly search box in creation." Now that's praise!


What's Funny on the Internet Today
A really great link site featuring some of the best daily humor links I have seen. Be sure to check this dump out, it lives up to it's name!

What's Funny on the Internet Today

YIL Pretty Strange Site
Pretty Strange Site
I guess we must be pretty darned strange. We've won three of these; one for Ow! One for Bud Uglly Design and one for a "Scooter Ride Through Hell."

GAR award
They said we had an extremely high quality website, and we're the last people on earth who are going to argue that point.


Golden Spork
They said this award would make us feel all warm and squishy inside. Another fine product of Snerk Industries.


Wave of the Day
Three years on-line and that kid still hasn't gotten whacked with the wave.

Wave of the Day

Webmagazine featured our Internet I.Q. Test on their "Links of the every other Tuesday after a hard rain page" or something like that.


A collection of hundreds of the top websites, all displayed on a single page. Ow! was listed since between July 1996 and June 1998 and owes much of it's popularity, as well as a case of cheese whiz to the HotSheet's webmaster.

 Hot Sheet Gif

Project Cool Sighting
Fine, we were still called wwwVOice when we won this, big deal. Project Cool webmaster Glenn Davis used to be webmaster of's highly acclaimed "Cool Site of the Day," but traded the whole works for a couple of baseball cards and a pack of spearmint gum.

Favorite Ball
Featuring more variety than you can shake a stick at, the Comedy Zone is like a great humor hub floating around cyberspace. With a "topical" section called Babble, and interviews with well known (and wacky) webmasters.

Comedy Zone

Boner Award
If you think it's weird here, just take a quick peek at the The Funny Bone It's hip, it's snarly, hey, It's free! Like a roller coaster ride straight down MT. Everest, you'll be screaming in no time. One of the funniest sites I've ever seen. (some assembly required)

Funny Bone

Short Attention Span Site
I can sum up the Centre for the Easily Amused in one word. Well actually I can't. If you're looking for humor and wackiness on the web, this is the only place to start. The site is run by lovable and (ahem) humble WebMistress Cathie Walker


Cool Site of the Night
Cool Site of the Night picks feature great variety in a quick, easy to use, package. Since most people work during the day, I think it's better to be a night pick anyway.

Cool Site of the NIght

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