WARNING:WARNING: Ow!'s Low Skill Level Web I.Q. Test is not recommended for people with only half a brain, half-witted, or individuals currently holding down some kind of job. This test consists of a series of 7 or 8 questions, haven't really counted them lately, if you answer incorrectly, one of the links will send you to another website. The questions get more difficult and less interesting as you go along.

Please keep your hands and feet inside the browser until the test comes to a complete halt. (which happened about 3 seconds ago)

Question #1
Which of these, according to Yahoo Internet Life magazine, is not considered a search engine?
A. Excite
B. Alta Vista
C. Lycos
D. Google
E. HotBot
F. Uncle Bob's World O' Fish

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Sparky says: "Be careful not to use up your brains doing this test."