WARNING: This is a very difficult test and it's pretty doubtful that you'll come out alive. If you know almost nothing about anything, turn back now, and take the Regular I.Q.Test.
The questions get more difficult as you go along, we're not sure exactly why, but there's probably a darned good reason for it. This test consists of a series of around 9 questions, if you don't choose the correct link you will end up at another website. Here's the special Cheater link for the first question.

INSTRUCTIONS: click on one of the links.

Question #1
Half.com is owned and operated by?
A. Amazon
C. USA Today
D. Microsoft
E. TotalNEWS
F. Ebay
G. Comedy Central
H. Click the goat

hey where's my face
Sparky says "if you cheat you'll only finish sooner"