An Interview with Joe of "Joe's Kewl Homepage"

Welcome. We're talking today with Joe of Joe's Kewl Homepage. Joe's Kewl Homepage can be found on the web, is listed in all the major search engines and is a recent winner of the "Bajimbo's My Webpage Has No Sand Five Star Award" award.

Sparky: Hi Joe, thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to talk with us today.

Joe: No problem.

Sparky: So, I guess the big question is; "Exactly why do you have a webpage?"

Joe: I dunno, it just seemed like a good idea.

Sparky: Well, let's talk about some of the different features at your page. The spinny counter. Where ever did you get the idea for that wacky spinny counter?

Joe: I dunno, I just saw it on somebody else's page.

Sparky: Do you have a real counter?

Joe: Yes it's at the bottom of my page.

Sparky: I must have missed it, there is quite a lot of things on your front page. Speaking of which, do you have any plans to make some sub pages, or are you planning to continue making your page even longer.

Joe: I think people would be way confused if they had to click on more pages so I'll just keep adding on to the end of the index page.

Sparky: I noticed that you have quite a few gifs on your page, eighty five I believe. Do you think people mind waiting ten minutes for your page to load?

Joe: Not at all. I think it's better to get the whole website in one shot. It saves time in the long run.

Sparky: Have you found that people prefer to sign your guestbook, or simply to view your guestbook?

Joe: I think that in general people prefer to view the guestbook and then they seem to like to sign it.

Sparky: Let's talk a little about your "Links to Other Kewl Pages" section. I noticed that you have links to The Microsoft site, the Onion and also to Cool Site of the Day and Netscape. Have any of these sites returned the link, or sent you an e-mail thanking you?

Joe: Well I only just wrote them last week to tell them, so I should be hearing from them any day now.

Sparky: In your "About Joe" section. Is that pictures of the same cat, or are we looking at a lot of different ones?

Joe: No, that's all Fluffy. I thought that forty three pictures would give visitors a good idea of how my cat really looks.

Sparky: A full meg of pet pictures might be considered a little excessive on some webpages, but it seems to fit right in at your site. While we're in your "about me" section, do you really have the entire collection of Beavis and Butthead candy head dispensers?

Joe: Yes, It also mentions that I have the original Ren and Stimpy candy head dispensers and one of their t-shirts.

Sparky: I noticed that you have quite a large assortment of midi files available for downloading. Do you find it difficult to make time to create so many midi files?

Joe: Actually, no. I just took most of them from another site.

Sparky: Your chatroom, I went in but there was nobody to talk to. Are there certain times of the day when there are chat sessions, and are you planning to add some rooms devoted to single topics?

Joe: I dunno. I'm usually just working on my page.

Sparky: The web seems to be evolving. Sites are getting more "feature heavy" and adding Java and Shockwave applications. Do you think the web is becoming more interesting or just plain slower and do you see a better Internet in the near future?

Joe: I dunno. I'm usually just working on my page.

Sparky: So, what are the future plans for Joe's Kewl Homepage, now that it's becoming so popular?

Joe: I dunno. I was thinking of adding a "Live Fluffy Cam" feature. I understand that that type of thing is very popular. I am also planning to spam 50,000 people Saturday.

Sparky: Many thanks for stopping by and chit-chatting with us Joe. I'm sure we'll all be enjoying your page for years to come.

You have been reading an interview with Joe from Joe's Kewl Homepage, the self proclaimed "Kewlest page on the web." be sure to visit his page, and don't forget to sign the guestbook.

Inspired by the behind the page interviews at The Comedy Zone