Chimp New at Ow! it's the Top/Bottom 100. An interesting weekly list composed by our visitors featuring 100 something or others and this picture of a monkey.
Top and/or Bottom 100

#8 100 Asteroid Targets
Recommended for the destruction oriented!

#7 Rejected Smurf Names
(Calcium Enriched!)

#6 Work & School Excuses
(I'd be in today, but I'm dead)

#5 Best Dumping Lines
(It's not you... it's your big ass)

#4 How Do You Spell Relief
(Jeeper's, nobody sent in W.O.O.D.C.H.U.C.K)

#3 100 Disney Movie Names
(Featuring some bonus lame ones!)

#2 Ow's All Time Worst Musical Artists
(Featuring sound clips and voting!)

#1 VH1's 100 Top All Time Artists
(Featuring some rather poor choices!)