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A Vision of Ugliness
With the sudden influx of visitors between July and September we thought the site could use a little sprucing up. Competition in the design arena was fierce. After a quick trip to Bud felt that a big show was necessary to display the unparalleled design skills of the Bud Uglly team. "Something that'll knock your gloves off" was how Bud put it. The Razorfish site had a slick animated display, and the page indicated that it was "For Demonstration Purposes Only." We were confused. Could you use the page as a doorstop?

Bud had a vision, not exactly 20-20, but a vision nevertheless. It was 1996 and the Web was expanding. Everybody was still using modems, but the Internet corporate boys were setting up Web TV, Internet radio, stuff like that. Sun Microsystems had this Web Computer thingy. It was goofy. The idea behind Bud Uglly and its clients was how the Web would look in three years if things kept up at the break-neck speed they were going.

The Dallas Morning News lost their collective mind and had this to say about Bud Uglly.


Cutting edge design, reasonable prices.
Hey! Why not just order a website?

September 1996. Bud Uglly V1.1 was composed of 23 pages. Team, tips, ordering and FAQ pages were added, as well as clients: Payne Philburn, Bad Idea, Alvins, Netscrappy and Crazy Joe's Internet Bungee Jump.

Bud took a little time out to visit the Razorfish guestbook. (About halfway down the page, can't miss it)