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The Good The Bud and the Uglly
It was the team page and the newsletter that really defined what Bud Uglly was all about. After this version neither page was changed again. A picture of the B.U.D. headquarters in Chicago was added to the team page. And the newsletter, a sideways scrolling striped nightmare from the "bad side of Hell", appears for the first time. The office safety chart was later added as a full page printout.

"The least user-friendly search box in creation."
High praise indeed! In version 2.0 Bud Uglly Design went through a major overhaul. Gone are the stale old ugly pages of the past. In their place... new ugly pages destined to be stale themselves one day. At this point Bud felt that more seamed backgrounds and bad music would really be a step in the wrong direction.

This version also includes the appearance of the "Fist Analual Coloring contest", as well as "The Bud Uglly Site of the Day". A direct rip-off of's "Cool Site of the Day" the hot place to be in 1997.

Version 2.0 was reviewed in Internet Underground


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June 1997. Bud Uglly V2.0 was composed of 58 pages. Clients, service, what's new, newsletter, coloring contest and the Bud Uglly Site of the Day were added, as well as clients: Tinyzine, Photobooth, Fireproof Website, Wab TV, Instant Website, Uranus and The Biggest Javaball on the Web.