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Bud's Clients
What would a fake design firm be without fake clients? Well, it'd still be a fake design firm, but that's beside the point. The framework for Bud Uglly afforded us the opportunity to whip-up any old webpage the team thought was funny. Stupid things you can do with a web browser. That's what Bud's clients were all about. From Crazy Joe's yank the scrollbar to the On-line Photobooth, if you could say it with HTML and it was a really useful feature, it was @ Bud Uglly.

But wait! There were real clients too. "Ron's Too Fast Homepage" was a lot of fun to create because Ron gave us total freedom to do whatever we wanted. "Toon Inn" was also a real client. It was awesome, Bud got paid for being goofy.

The two most popular clients were "Crazy Joe's" and "Scooter Ride Through Hellę", both were very interactive. Of the twenty-some clients, "Badi Dea" was the most fun to create. Three people worked on the pages and the cars were totally outrageous. It was a company with a true Bud Uglly philosophy... know-it-all incompetence.

Crrrraaaaazy Joe's was reviewed by USA Today.

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