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You and Fish and Bud Uglly
Just after v3.0 and prior to version 3.1, there was an interim design. An omega version of v3.0, fondly nicknamed "I just can't seem to get my stupid browser open far enough." This design also sports an early appearance of the "Bud Nav System", later to be properly abused in version 4.0.

The final design for v3.1 was no picnic. It took minutes of hard work and careful planing before it was finally put on-line. Major changes included a completely redone "features" page and "awards" page as well as new graphics for the "Bud Uglly Site of the Day" and snazzy new backgrounds for most of the other pages.

The "big event" that, as Bud put it: "Everyone was holding their breasts for." was the second annual design and coloring contest. The roaring failure of the first contest gave Bud the confidence he needed to really do a bang-up job in 1998.

Yahoo picked this B.U.D. as a Pretty Strange Site.


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February 1998. Bud Uglly V3.1 was composed of 92 pages. The second annual design contest, a link program, and a redone Site of the Day were added, as well as clients: Ron's too fast homepage and Barky's Random Movie Quotes.