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The End of an Error
Version 4.0 was the swan song, and Bud pulled out all the bells and whistles. No less than 17 ever-changing frames and 6 animated pictures give version 4.0 a dynamic look that a herd of rampaging wildebeest would be hard pressed to compete with. The pointy aspect of the "Bud NavŠ" system helps to round out the total design concept. (The whole thing is kind of fuzzy too.)

Bud Uglly was a lot of fun to work on over the two year life of the site and it was great that it became so popular and received so much press. It's a great feeling when you create something that you enjoy and (wait, I'm getting a little misty here) other people join in the fun. We do intend to continue work on the new Bud Uglly and hope it'll be as much fun as the original was. We feel that the old B.U.D. has been brought to a proper conclusion, (sort of like when the crash test guys hit the wall) and we plan to have new stuff here go in a different but similar direction, random... So long, and thanks for all the fish.

Bud's best review, from Jim Regan in the Christian Science Monitor.


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October 1998. Bud Uglly V4.0 was composed of 117 pages. A new feedback page, frames, new backgrounds and new music were added as well as clients: Torture Castro, Toon Inn and The Web I.Q. Test.

After B.U.D. closed it's doors in 1998, held a public auction at the Bud Uglly Foundation.