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The Bud Uglly History Tour
Appearing in such prestigious publications (back when peeps read magazines) as Yahoo! Internet Life, Windows Magazine, ZD Internet, Internet Underground, NetGuide and Dallas and Seattle newspapers as well as winning a Cool Site of the Day and USA Today Hot site Award, Bud Uglly Design was a power house of 90s design ineptness.

First appearing on-line July 1996. It garnered much attention, and became popular with the web design crowd. The site ran for two years and during that time it went through a multitude of design changes, as well as running special events and contests, growing from three pages at the original site, to over 300 pages when it stopped being updated in 1998.

The final design stage was kept alive at while the creators took a three year respite from the web.

Version 1.0 was created in a single night. Bud indicated that he was feeling a bit "gassy" and just punched a couple of wrong keys.

This tour leads through all the different designs and changes over the life of a humor website. You will need to use your back button or bookmark this page to return, the original sites are kept in-tact, so there's no links back.


Cutting edge design, reasonable prices.
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July 1996. Bud Uglly V1.0 includes three pages, the front page, a fake client and a page when you submit your order.