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January 2002, This is our second design for professional web host AllWebCo. Our objective was to create an easy to navigate business-like site. The focus was on selling the hosting packages and making it easy for clients to find help and support. The original design was created during the company's startup in 1997. AllWebCo has since grown into a major internet presence hosting thousands of sites. Bud Uglly Design created all graphics and pages including original logo design. Text was provided by AllWebCo.

April 2002 This is a redesign of The Society Of Natural Science, an existing site and is unfinished at this time. You can check out the before and after versions.

March 2002 A major project for the Madison Professional Group a job finder company located in California. The site includes a zip code search, live help a full blown job application and a timed on-line job test.

March 2002 Maza' Kute' was created to market Native American products on the web. The site also features the "Dreams of Eagles" non-profit organization. Bud Uglly Design is responsible for all aspects of the website including setup and hosting. The site features a Miva catalog and the snowy Dreams of Eagles pages.

January 2002 Dreams of Eagles is a non-profit group organized with the purpose of preserving tribal customs, oral traditions, language and the history of Native Americans/Native Alaskans. We created a winter and summer version of the website.

January 2002 This is a database for Arc Industries, created to work in concert with Unigraphics Cad/Cam software. It allows Arc's programmers to create data sheets and post them to a local network. Machine operators on the production floor can then check the database to see what programs are in queue. It also allows project managers to track the status of current jobs. Bud Uglly's design streamlined the process of communication between office and shop floor.

1998 Toon Inn was created as a showcase site for displaying daily comics from around the web. Bud Uglly Design created the original logo and all cartoons for the pages. The project included a front index, a links page and a framework to display each individual cartoon. Animation was added to give the pages a more dynamic feel.

1998 The Funny Bone wanted an "in your face" entrance and needed some sprucing up. Bud Uglly Design created the entrance and index pages as well as an original logo design and the now legendary "click the chicken" graphic.

1998 Ron's Too Fast Homepage. Ron wanted the fastest page on the web. Bud Uglly Design created all pages as well as the two graphics, and scripted all the original content. We were never really sure WHY Ron wanted the pages but dammit, we give the customers what they want.

1998 Cathie Walker, WebMistress of "The Centre for the Easily Amused" wanted a cartoon drawn up to annoy male visitors so Bud Uglly Design created this graphic.

This is a local link. The Centre for the Easily Amused has since been purchased by

1998 "Supporters of Politically Incorrect Topics" was interested in a site just so they could act silly. Bud Uglly Design created the pages and all the original graphics including the really big ball.

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