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I Hate Frames Club

Your internet resource center for stupid frame sites

I feel bad. I had to resort to frames to get full marks on my homepage assignment. However, I admantley stand by the fact that frames blow. I plan on keeping my main "homie" page frame free. Of course, it will be full of useless crap, but not useless frames.
I.H.F.C. Member #3202 Danny Barbeau

The I Hate Frames Club is officially closed. We'd like to thank everyone for their support over the last two years and hopefully some of the abusive frame users got the message. If we didn't help the problem, oh well, it was fun anyway.
The President (Not that guy in Washington)

Break out of a frame
Free Speech Rocks


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I Hate Frames

Mitglied des
Membro Del Club Io Odio I Frames

What's Wrong With Frames?
What's wrong with frames? What's right with frames? They take longer to download, shatter your browser into a million little pieces, waste valuable browser and desktop space, shell you to other websites and then politely crash your browser.
Originally regarded as just another dopey Netscape feature this "speed bump on the information superhighway" has risen to become the single greatest hazard on the Net today. Anyone who actually surfs the Web is fully aware of the growing frame menace that looms over us like a bad Slurpee headache.

The Abuse Must Stop!
Time and again we have all suffered at the hands of this ruthless (ahem) "enhancement" With the support of it's Members The I Hate Frames Club is working day and night to once again make the Web a little safer for everyone.

Frame Hating Around the World
If you think it's just you and that guy next door who borrows your stuff that hate frames, guess again. Frames are despised the world over (okay, we haven't heard from Bora Bora yet). Japan to North Carolina, China to Australia, frames are internationally despised.

Why Does This Site Appear Framed?
As you browse through the I Hate Frames Club, you will notice that all the pages appear in a "frame" like format. What's the point? With the rapid proliferation (there's a four dollar word) of new framed sites on the web we felt that creating a "framed look" might help show other page creators how to section off portions of their pages without using (shudder) evil, nasty, spawn of the Devil, totally pointless, bad, sucky, crappy, unhealthy, terrible, icky, beastly, gross, awful, rotten, abominable frames. (did I mention crappy?) Frames just suck!

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I Hate Frames Club

Last Update 3/1/98

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