Why a Too Fast Page?
Bloaty, that's the word that best describes the web today. Finding a quick loading, Graphic free, Java free, imbedded sound free, Frame free site these days is about as easy as finding a Nun in the Marv Albert Fan Club.

Endless man hours are spent each and every day, downloading pictures of the "Nelson family hamster," "Cute things junior can do with a mouthful of mashed potatoes," "Jeb and Dave's Kewl fly fishing pictures" and ten bazillion animated "This site best viewed with Internet Explorer" icons that give free advertising to a corporation that has enough money to buy every person in America a lifetime supply of frankfurters and still have enough left over to wallpaper Norway.

The Too Fast Homepage, is an homage to the once mighty web when "text was king" and "The Fabulous "Bob Stormer" and his Lawn Race Cafe" featuring 2 gazillion souped-up pictures of lawn mowers was at the most,only a potential nightmare.

Ron's too fast hompage features ways to kill-time while you're waiting for those "killer" sites to load, test results that prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that slow sites are worse than having a live raccoon jammed down your pants, and charts and graphs intended to shed more light on just how much of our life is being wasted away by slow webpages.

Visit the Microsoft site. I use a P120 over a 56K leased line and I have never had time to let the whole thing load. Of course, Microsoft is pioneering the advancement of bloated code, so why would they break trend with their website.
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