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Erich V
Founder and president of Bud Uglly, Erich is an award winning webpage designer and also a professional artist. His sites have been featured in Yahoo Internet Life, Windows Magazine, Internet Underground and ZDnet Magazines. His paintings have been shown in downtown Chicago galleries. And he can dance too!

Justin Dahlstrom
With 25 years in the graphics industry, Justin's precision brings a level of quality to Bud Uglly unparalleled in the industry. Not that we're trying to imply that she's old and anal or anything.

Janet Hager
Janet is the "black sheep" of Bud Uglly Design. She doesn't really do anything but she takes all the credit.

Jody Wegrzynski
Editor and proofreader. Jody spent a number of years as a professional in the graphic design industry. Her neurotic attention to detail is only exceeded by her command of the English language.